The First Crucial Steps To Losing Obesity Weight

If you are suffering from some of the harsh effects of being obese, then it is time to look at the options for losing obesity weight.  This is especially true if you are obese and have complications such as sleep apnea, breast cancer or other types of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, or osteoarthritis.


One of the simplest, yet most crucial things you can do, is to start keeping a food journal and writing down everything that goes into your mouth.  You would be surprised at how much eating is done on an unconscious level.  Starting to be aware of your diet is key to losing body fat.

You can start to change your diet by doing one simple thing: cut out soft drinks.  You can also start to incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet by cutting at least one sugary snack per day and replacing it with a fruit. 


Another vital change to start making is the amount of activity that you do on a daily basis.  It can be simple to incorporate more movement into your day by doing even the smallest things.  You can park a few spaces further from the grocery store than you normally do.  You can get up and walk around the living room every time a commercial comes on.  You can lift small hand weights before every meal. 

Walking is another great activity and has tremendous health benefits.  Even if you only walk a block or two, it all adds up and you can increase your walking increments slowly. 

Ultimately, a healthy weight loss will eliminate 1-2 pounds per week.  This may seem like a slow process, but it is proven that this type of weight loss promotes a permanent change, rather than taking off the weight too quickly.


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