The Fatfield Diet

The Fatfield Diet was created by Sally Ann Voak and is based on a BBC television series. The basis behind the Fatfield Diet is that an entire village in Fatfield, England went on a diet together to lose weight. The Fatfield Diet is a low-calorie diet that focuses on volume eating. As proof of its effectiveness, the town of Fatfield lost a considerable amount of weight while on the Fatfield diet.

The Premise

In the 1990s, the entire village of Fatfield was challenged to lose weight together and to have this weight loss journey televised and produced for a BBC program named Bazaar. Sally Ann Voak created a book based on the meal plan followed by the town of Fatfield. This meal plan is calorically restrictive. While the meal plan was low in calories, it was designed to allow individuals to eat large amounts of food that were high in fiber while still low in calories. The reason behind this volume diet is that when an individual consumes a large quantity of food, despite the calorie content, she will feel full sooner and for longer compared to lower volume foods.

The Diet

The Fatfield diet is based on the notion of eating high-fiber foods due to the satiety. In addition to high-fiber foods, the Fatfield diet recommends that dieters consume only small amounts of fat and eat natural foods over processed foods. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are the focus of this diet.

The Fatfield Diet includes a long list of approved foods. This allows for a wide selection of foods to help dieters avoid boredom. Additionally, this variety allows for dieters to customize their meal plans around their own personal preferences. 

The Fatfield is focused around eating all natural fresh fruits and vegetables. These are healthy recommendations that will promote positive eating habits for all individuals. In addition to weight loss, the Fatfield diet has shown to help reduce cholesterol.

Almost all foods eaten on the Fatfield diet must be prepared and cooked at home. This factor may make this diet very time consuming for some individuals. To follow the diet correctly, individuals will have to dedicate time and effort to their meal plans.

The Fatfield diet fails to promote an exercise regiment. The United States Department of Agriculture recommends that all individuals get 30 to 60 minutes of exercise most days to help facilitate weight loss and promote healthy heart benefits.

Unfortunately, the books for the Fatfield diet are no longer in print and limited information is available for this diet online. Individuals would have to order used copies of the Fatfield Diet and Fatfield Cookbook if they want access to all the information provided to the individuals on the television show Bazaar.


Recommended! The Fatfield Diet is based on a healthy and well-balanced meal plan that promotes the scientifically supported belief that the most efficient way to lose weight is by consuming fewer calories than the body burns a day. One negative aspect of the Fatfield diet is its failure to promote an exercise program. Consider incorporating your own exercise routine to maximize results.


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