The Fat Free Truth by Liz Neporent and Suzanne Schlosberg

the fat-free truth

Liz Neporent and Suzanne Schlosberg
Paperback: 368 pages
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin (January 4, 2005)

If you are like us, you love to flip straight to the Q&A sections of fitness magazines, and read the questions you wish you had asked! Liz Neporent is a fitness columnist for iVillage, and Suzanne Schlosberg is a fitness columnist for Shape magazine. Together, they receive more than 1,000 questions every month, from inquisitive readers like us. They have joined forces to write The Fat-Free Truth, which contains a whopping 239 questions about fitness and weight loss.

What can you expect to find in this book? Everything! The book is divided into 10 chapters:

  • Your Body: Fat, Weight, and Muscle
  • Calorie Burning: Myths and Truths about Metabolism
  • Weight Loss: Strategies, Supplements, Drugs, and Surgery
  • Nutrition: Diets, Food Labels, and Eating for Exercise
  • Cardio Exercise: Target Zones, Intervals, and Intensity
  • Strength Training: Sets, Reps, Routines, and Machines
  • Getting Your Money’s Worth: Fitness Equipment, Gadgets, and Trainers
  • How Exercise Affects Your Health: Back Pain, Osteoporosis, Depression, and More
  • Mind-Body Exercise: Stretching, Yoga, and Pilates
  • Pregnancy: Prenatal Fitness and Postpartum Weight Loss

Inside these chapters, you’ll find the questions that have been burning inside you, but you didn’t know who to ask. How much is my weight influenced by my genes? Is it true Pilates will give me long, lean muscles? Are low-carb diets effective for weight loss? How long should I wait between my last meal and my workout? Topics also include liposuction, how to buy fitness equipment, what diet supplements can or can’t do for you, and boosting metabolism. The list of questions seems endless, and 239 questions can cover a lot of territory!

Each question is answered twice: the short answer, and the comprehensive answer. This answer makes the book very easy to browse, allowing us to spend our time where we have the most interest.

Question #86: Is it true that any calories you eat after 6PM turn to fat?.
The Short Answer: No, this is an urban legend — no more true than the notion that alligators are roaming the sewers of New York City. However, late-night eating can sabotage your weight loss program for other reasons.

If you eat more calories than your body burns in a day — no matter what time you eat them — the excess calories will be stored as fat. If you eat fewer calories than your body burns — even if some of those calories are consumed during The Tonight Show — you will lose weight. There is no intrinsic connection between calories and the clock.

But this doesn’t mean nighttime eating can’t sabotage your weight-loss plan. If you have a tendency to skip meals or eat lightly throughout the day, you may be more likely to stage a midnight refrigerator raid. Also, many people tend to unwind at night in front of the TV. When your eyes are glued to the tube, you’re more prone to mindless munching. As you flip channels you may not even realize you’re inhaling an entire bat of M&M’s and a quart of soda.

The Fat-Free Truth is more than an interesting read, it’s a useful tool that can help you reach your diet and fitness goals. Arming yourself with this book will insure that you cover all of your bases, and have the facts you need instead of lingering doubts or questions. The authors are more than qualified to give you the straight facts. Neporant holds a master’s degree in exercise physiology and is certified by the American Council on Exercise, the American College of Sports Medicine, and the National Strength and Conditioning Association. She’s also on the board of directors of the American Council on Exercise. Schlosberg is a contributing editor at Shape, where she has written the magazine’s “Weight Loss Q&A” column for ten years, and she is the best-selling author of a number of books, including The Ultimate Workout Log and Fitness for Travelers.

Buy this book! We loved it, and think you will, too.


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