The Fat Burning Soup Diet: A 7-Day Weight Loss Plan

It seems like a new fad diet hits the Internet every day, making it difficult to keep up with their validity and promises of instant results. So, what about the Fat Burning Soup Diet? It promises that you’ll see results in seven days. How does it work and can it work for you?

How It Works

There are many versions of this diet out there, but the most notable and prevalent has cabbage soup at its center. The diet promises quick weightloss (up to ten pounds in a week) as long as you are absolutely rigorous in following the diet’s stringent plan, as it is very specific about what you can eat on each day.

The Days

Each day includes two large bowls of fat-free cabbage soup, at least nine glasses of liquid (includes any combination of water, unsweetened tea or coffee, or cranberry juice) accompanied by varying other foods as follows:

Day 1: all the fruit you can eat except bananas
Day 2: all the low-calorie vegetables you can eat with the exception of beans, peas and corn, as well as a baked potato with butter
Day 3: any combination of the fruits and vegetables consumed on Days 1 and 2
Day 4: eight bananas (for potassium) and two glasses of skim milk (for calcium)
Day 5: up to 20 ounces of lean beef, chicken or fish as well as up to six fresh tomatoes
Day 6: three beef steaks and all the vegetables you can eat
Day 7: up to two cups of brown rice, unsweetened fruit juices and all the vegetables you can eat

As you can see, the diet does not allow for much variety. The plan works similarly to the famed Atkins Diet by filling you up with low calorie, low carbohydrate foods to give you the feeling of fullness while still limiting the number of calories you take in.

Does it Work?

If you’re willing to stick to the diet for the seven-day period, it will show results. You should be able to lose up to ten-to-fifteen pounds during the week you’re on it. However, a lot of the weight you’ll have lost initially will be from fluids and a good deal of it will return once you start eating normally again.


This is the perfect diet for soon-to-be brides looking to take off a little extra weight leading up to their big day. It does provide quick results and it will give you the structure needed to take those initial pounds off. If you’re overweight and have tried all the fad diets with no positive, this one could give you the initial confidence boost needed to allow you to move toward a healthier approach to eating.


This diet doesn’t necessarily promote long-term weightloss nor does it instill eating habits that should be maintained for more than a couple of weeks. Since the diet includes a very limited number of calories and little nutritional value, it should only really be viewed as a short-term approach to losing weight. The lack of flavor variety also does not lend itself to proper adherence. Most would probably find the diet far too constricting and monotonous to maintain in the longterm.

Remember, to lose weight healthily and ensure it will last, you should not lose more than a pound or two a week.


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