The F-Factor Diet

The F-Factor diet was created by dietitian Tanya Zuckerbrot. In addition to promising weight loss, Zuckerbrot states that this diet will improve the condition of your hair, your skin, increase energy levels and reduce the risk of heart disease, colon cancer, breast cancer and diabetes.

The Diet

The meal plan of the F-Factor Diet has individuals eating breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack, and dinner. The F-Factor Diet has three stages. The first stage lasts for an introductory two-week period.

The first stage is designed for immediate weight loss. Unlike several other diets, the first stage does not force dieters to eliminate any food groups. During this introductory phase, dieters will eat protein, fat and carbohydrates daily. In stage one, dieters are advised to eat three servings of carbohydrates a day, a serving of high-fiber cereal, 8 GG Bran Crispbreads, a serving of fresh fruit, healthy fats, lean protein and vegetables. During this phase, dieters should aim for 30 to 35 g of fiber and less than 30 g of net carbohydrates per day.

The second stage allows for dieters to increase their daily carbohydrate intake to equal 75 g of net carbohydrates while maintaining the 30 to 35 g of fiber a day. The rest of the meal plan remains the same as stage one.

The final stage of the F-Factor Diet is the maintenance phase. Dieters are allowed to eat a total of 125 net carbohydrates a day while continuing fiber intake of 30 to 35 grams per day. Dieters are also allowed two pieces of fruit, 1 serving of dairy, 2 servings of lean protein and unlimited vegetables per day.

In addition to counting carbohydrates and fiber, dieters who are looking to lose weight are advised to eat approximately 1100 calories per day until they reach their goal weight.


Unlike numerous other low carbohydrate diets, the F-Factor diet focuses on eating a sensible and balanced diet that does not focus on large amounts of proteins that contain saturated fats. While lower in carbohydrates, no food group is ever entirely eliminated on the F-Factor diet, providing a healthy combination of protein, carbohydrates and heart healthy fats.

The F-Factor diet focuses on eating fresh fruits and unlimited amounts of non-starchy vegetables. This will allow for dieters to obtain a large number of nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

The high fiber content of the F-Factor diet will help dieters feel full sooner and longer. The large fiber content will help you avoid having those hunger pains that you feel on other low calorie diets.


The Mayo Clinic states that any individual following a diet that falls under 1200 calories per day should be constantly monitored by a physician. Additionally, a 1100 calorie diet may be too low for some individuals to have enough energy to workout and perform daily activities. 

The F-Factor Diet advises the consumption of a specific food, GG Bran Crispbreads, which some dieters may not be able to find. The diet does not recommend any alternative to this brand of cracker.

The Verdict

The F-Factor diet supplies a sensible eating plan to individuals who are looking to lose weight but the calorie content may be too low. Dieters should consider consuming no fewer than 1200 calories a day.


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