The Every Other Day Diet

The Every Other Day Diet was created to help people lose weight without totally cutting out the foods they like to eat. One day, you would eat normal. Eating normal does not mean that you can just pig out. You would eat a wide range of healthy food. Then, on the next day, you would eat a low calorie diet.

The Premise

This diet was created by 2 men, Jon Benson and Janis Hauser. This diet was developed so that people could diet “without loosing their sanity.” Many people who diet on and off have a love-hate relationship with foods. This is easily understood if you have ever tried a limiting diet that makes you feel like you cannot eat any of the foods you enjoy. This is why the Every Other Day Diet was created. It was created to help people lose weight and still enjoy the foods they love, all in moderation. The creators of this diet claim that you are able to lose up to 21 pounds in 21 days.

The Diet

On the Every Other Day Diet, you start on day 1, which is called your “burn day,” by eating only 30% to 50% of the your regular calorie intake. The foods allowed on these days include vegetables, lean protein and foods with fiber. Then, on day 2, your “feed day,” you are able to eat up to 150% of your calorie intake. On these days, you are able to eat most of what you would normally eat. By changing your diet every other day, your metabolism is not slowed down. This helps you to burn more fat.

What to Get Excited Over

There are a few things to get excited over when considering this diet. The diet plan is very simple to follow. The food is regular food that people eat every day. You just need to use portion control. There are no special menus that you need to follow.

Things to Consider

You need to follow a balanced diet to be healthy for life. When only eating a third of your calorie intake every other day, your body may be tired on these days. This may lead to fatigue and exhaustion. If you feel tired every other day, you may get tired of the diet and not be able to follow it. This diet claims for you to be able to lose 21 pound in 21 days. This is a pound per day. It is recommended that the average person loses between 1 and 2 pounds per week for healthy weight loss.


Not recommended. This diet can starve your body of the essential nutrients that it needs to function every day. If your body cannot function properly, then it starts to get weak, leading to sickness and disease. It is better to follow a plan that allows a regular caloric intake of healthy and nutritious foods.


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    Every Other Day Diet program takes care of the emotional aspects of weight and fat loss instead of only focusing on the exact foods consumed in a diet!

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    The Every Other Day Diet is broken down into a cycle of “burn days” and “feed days”. During the burn days, you eat only 30-50% of your maintenance caloric intake!

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    The Every Other Day Diet was created by 3 of the most renowned diet and fitness experts in the world, has helped over 300000 people in more than 100 achieve phenomenal results, and has been proven to work in everybody!

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    All you need is a proper diet. But it is not just any simple diet. It has been modified especially for this purpose. It is known as Every Other Day Diet. According to this you can actually indulge into the junk food!

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