The Effects of Liver Disease on Weight

Many people aren’t aware that liver disease can affect your weight. Cirrhosis of the liver, liver failure and illnesses in other parts of the body including kidney damage, and low blood- count are just some of the things that liver disease can cause.  Other long term effects include peptic ulcers which erode the stomach lining, and of course, liver cancer.

Liver Function

The function of the liver in the human body is detoxification, protein synthesis, and production of biochemicals necessary for digestion. The most important function of the liver is to filter the blood after it leaves the digestive track. Other functions include the metabolism of drugs and detoxification of bodily chemicals. In performing these functions the liver secretes bile into the intestines.

Preventing Liver Disease

Helping to preventing this disease requires practicing good hygiene such as washing your hands after doing anything, avoid drinking or using tap water if you travel internationally, avoid using recreational drugs, practicing safe sex and avoiding using hygiene items of others, such as razors and fingernail clippers. Use your medications only as directed; do not take more than what the bottle or doctor tells you to take, eat a well balanced diet following the food guide pyramid and use caution when around industrial chemicals.

Cirrhosis of the Liver and Your Weight

Cirrhosis is an aftereffect of chronic liver disease characterized by replacement of the liver tissue by fibrosis, also known as scar tissue and regenerative nodules which leads to loss of liver function.

The Various Types of Hepatitis and Your Weight

There are a number of different forms of hepatitis. Hepatitis is normally caused by sharing needles or any exchange of bodily fluids with an infected person. Hepatitis is the inflammation of the liver characterized by the presence of inflammatory cells of the organ. Some symptoms of hepatitis are jaundice, which is an accumulation of a chemical called bilirubin. Another symptom is loss of appetite and the attendant weight loss.

Weight and Liver Disease

Weight loss plays a major role in liver disease. If you are an  overweight person, you’re at a high risk of getting this disease; by losing the access weight you can decrease this chance of getting this horrible disease. If you already have this disease, losing weight is an excellent treatment for liver disease. Make sure when you are losing this weight not to lose the weight too fast, because it’s not healthy to lose weight too fast. You could actually make the disease worse. But science has proven that doing it gradually can help it.  

Liver disease is a very serious condition that can actually be life threatening. As stated above, one of the main symptoms of all of the types of liver disease is weight loss. Medical science feels that one of the most effective ways of preventing liver disease is to drink alcohol in moderation, because alcoholism weakens your liver. Maintaining a healthy weight is also advantageous.


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