The Effect of the Color Blue on Well-Being

Psychological studies have begun to show us that certain colors can trigger or encourage certain subconscious responses, and the color blue is one that comes into play a lot when talking about positive effects on the human psyche and body.

Psychical Reactions

Different colors have been shown to have different effects on the body. Blue is one of the good colors. It releases chemicals in the body that calm us. This is why you might find a blue bedroom to be good for sleeping in, as the blue is a calming and serene color.

Blue for Weight Loss

Blue is a cool and calming color that you won’t see in many restaurants or fast food joints. This just might be because blue is a color that acts as a suppressant to our appetites! One theory behind this is that blue is not found often in natural foods, and many ‘blue foods’ found in nature are poisonous. Instinct urges human beings away from poisonous foods, which might play a part in it. There are a number of ways you can incorporate blue into your life and your eating habits to help curb those cravings and keep to smaller meals.

Things you can do to incorporate blue into you eating habits include:

  • Eat out of blue dishes

  • Decorate your eating place (kitchen, living room, dining room) in blues

  • Wear blue while you eat

Blue Surroundings

Studies have shown blue to be an encouraging color, as well. Blue-themed offices find their employees might be more productive. This might relate back to blue promoting calmness and relaxation. Naturally if people are relaxed and calm, they will be able to work faster and more efficiently.

Perhaps even more amazing, research has shown weight lifters do better while lifting weights in blue-themed gyms as opposed to other colors.

Blue is Trusting

On top of being calming and comforting, blue also promotes feelings of loyalty. Researches suggest wearing blue to job interviews because it gives your interviewer a sense that you are a calm, loyal and dependable person.

This works the same in company logos. Companies that want to promote themselves as very dependable and reputable corporations might use blue in their logo rather than an eye-catching red or a loud yellow.

Incorporating Blue into Your Life

Pick out a nice blue dress, or decorate a room in your house in blues. Put up some blue decorations around your desk at work. You might find that you, too, are calmed by the blue color.

Too much of a good thing can, of course, turn sour. Too much blue, or even a wrong shade of a blue color, might have an adverse effect. Keep in mind that blue can also trigger thoughts of feeling down or depression if there is too much involved! Just as red can be a heated, passionate color, too much can be taken to mean aggression and downright evilness. Use blue where you can, but do not flood your life with it.


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