The Eco Atkins Diet: 9 Great Snacks

The Eco Atkins diet is an excellent way for vegans to follow the popular Atkins diet. Excluding all animal and animal by-products, including eggs, researchers have developed the vegan version of the Atkins diet. To make following the plan easier, an increasing number of supermarkets are carrying a greater variety of tasty meat substitutes, from veggie bacon to soy burgers to deli meats, as well as tofu. Low-carb and high-fiber versions of tortillas, pitas and crackers along with sprouted grain bread are also becoming more popular. For your convenience, most grocers carry a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables pre-cut and ready to eat. Here are 9 great snacks to choose from if you are following the Eco Atkins diet. 

1.  A Handful of Nuts or Seeds

Almonds are very nutritious and portable. Almonds, soy nuts, walnuts, toasted pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are high in protein and fiber and easily hide in a pocket or purse for snacking just about anywhere and any time. Buy sunflower seeds in the shell so you can enjoy them longer without eating as much.

2.  Celery and Peanut Butter

This tried-and-true favorite satisfies your craving for a juicy crunch. A serving consists of two celery sticks spread with 1/2 tsp. peanut butter. This snack provides you with 3.5 gms of carbs, 1 gm of fiber and 4 gms of protein. An apple would be a good substitute, but only if you haven’t used up your carb allowance, and almond butter or sesame butter are also good choices. 

3.  Hummus and Wasa Crackers

A 4 tbsp. serving of hummus provides 3 gm of protein, 12 gm of carbs, and 6.5 gm of fiber. Made from chick peas (or ground edamame for fewer carbs and an even bigger protein punch), hummus is a tasty and satisfying spread. Two slices of Wasa Sesame Crispbread supply a mere 6 gms of carbohydrates, 2 gms of proteins and 1 gram of fiber.

4.  Lentil or Miso Soup

Be careful of extra sodium that may be hidden in some commercially prepared soups. An 8 oz. bowl of miso soup has 9 gms of carbohydrates, 3 gms of fiber and 5 gms of protein.

5.  Lettuce Roll-ups

Roll soy veggie deli slices, hummus or sliced avocados and your favorite veggies in fresh Romaine lettuce leaves for a cool summer pick-me-up.

6.  Low-Carb Meal Replacement Bars

Atkins Advantage Bars and SoyJoy bars are portable and satisfy those candy bar cravings.

7.  Open-Faced Sandwich

High in potassium, a slice of sprouted grain bread supplies 3 gms of fiber and only 15 gms of carbs. Spread with mashed avocado and topped with veggie deli slices, this snack really hits the spot.

8.  Edamame

A serving of edamame (green soy beans) packs a whopping 9 gms of fiber, 2 gms of fat, and 11 gms of protein. You will find them in the frozen health foods section. They only have 13 gms of carbs in a half cup. 

9.  Low-Carb Smoothie

Start with a cup of low-carb fruit such as blueberries and add milk (soy, almond or rice), no-calorie sweetener if desired, ice cubes, protein powder (wheat, soy or rice) and run it through the blender until smooth.

These are just a few of the many delicious snacks you can enjoy on the Eco Atkins diet. Happy snacking!


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