The Eat Right for Your Type Diet

The Eat Right for Your Type diet was designed to help you achieve optimal health and your ideal weight. Its creator, Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo, believes in taking into consideration the uniqueness of each individual in designing a plan of healthy eating.

The Premise

The philosophy behind the Eat Right for Your Type diet is that your blood type distinguishes your physiology from another individual’s. Your blood type controls your digestive and immune systems. D’Adamo argues that each of the four blood types evolved as human beings developed through the centuries both physiologically and in response to their climatic environments. When you eat, a chemical reaction occurs between your specific blood type and the particular food. This is the reason why the same diet will not work for all people, D’Adamo argues.

Type O, for example, has a stable immune system and digestive system with strong stomach acid to digest meats. Type A, in contrast, is able to process proteins from plants and grains. Type B evolved later than the other two blood types and is more balanced and tolerant than both Type O and Type A. Type AB, the rarest blood type, combines many of the strengths and weaknesses of both Type A and Type B.

The Diet

When you follow the Eat for Your Type diet, you adhere to a list of foods that fall into three categories: highly beneficial, neutral and avoid. The foods on the highly beneficial list are like medicine for your body. Your body can digest and metabolize them easily. The foods on the neutral list may be consumed in moderate quantities. Foods from the avoid list should be eliminated or eaten in small quantities.

For example, if you have Type O blood, your body can easily digest red meat. If you have Type A blood, you are to avoid red meat and consume primarily a vegetarian diet. Many types of fish are highly beneficial for this blood type, such as salmon, red snapper and cod. For Type B, lamb is highly beneficial and beef is neutral. For Type AB, lamb is highly beneficial but beef is on the avoid list.

What to Get Excited Over

D’Adamo has thousands of certified medical results indicating that this diet works for 9 out of 10 people. His food lists are clearly outlined and simple to follow. His books provide a variety of recipes to spice things up.

Things to Consider 

Critics of the diet argue that there is no wide-scale scientific evidence proving the premise of this diet. Additionally, members of the same family can have different blood types. You may have to stock your fridge with more food and cook variations of the same meal for your family.

The Verdict

There is no harm in trying the Eat Right for Your Type diet. You can easily meet your nutritional needs by choosing from the long list of foods under your specific blood type. Although experts have not fully embraced this diet as legitimate, the best way to determine if it works for you is to give it a try.


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