The Dish On Eating Healthy and Being Fabulous by Carolyn O’Neil MS, RD and Denise Webb, PhD, RD

The Dish On Eating Healthy and Being Fabulous by Carolyn O'Neil MS, RD and Denise Webb, PhD, RDThe Dish On Eating Healthy and Being Fabulous by Carolyn O’Neil MS, RD and Denise Webb, PhD, RD
Pub. Date: June 2004
Publisher: Atria Books

Many of us expect a book on nutrition to be academic, perhaps a little boring. Not so with "The Dish". Authors Carolyn O’Neil and Densie Webb make learning about nutrition light hearted and fun to read! Chapters cover everything from Superfoods, to entertaining. You’ll enjoy the refreshing approach to a subject we know we should pay attention to, but generally avoid. This book is an easy read, and we think you will enjoy every page, from cover to cover.

The Dish begins with a chapter to help you evaluate your diet. If you think the last thing you need is another quiz on diet habits, think again. This one really is different! Plus, each quiz corresponds to one of the chapters, so if something hits a sensitive spot, you can whip over to the right chapter and find the right advice for you. The short and fun quizzes help you find where your diet problems are, if you have any. Stress, cravings, desserts, knowing when to say when – it’s all covered! Each Dish Divas’ Diagnosis is blunt, yet entertaining, and provides quick tips to help you get on track.

Once you get into the bulk of the chapter, you won’t find advice on low carb diets, cabbage soup recipes, or the latest bestseller diet. The focus is on good old fashioned balanced nutrition, but with a new attitude! The Dish Divas know we want to be fabulous, whether we are eating alone at home, or enjoying the night out. Superfoods, raw food diets, supplements, and other topics on nutrition are well covered. You’ll also find chapters on entertaining, and pampering yourself.

We were happily surprised to find recipes in the book! Learning to cook is an important part of a nutritious diet, so the Dish Divas help even the most kitchen-phobic chick feel comfortable with a knife and a skillet. Healthy food doesn’t have to be bland, or difficult. For example, the Dish Divas teach us how to prepare a simple, yet perfect sauteed chicken breast. Then we can finish it off four different ways, including Lemon Caper, Tomato Garlic, Taste of Thai, and Green Chili chicken. They use fresh ingredients, full of flavor, to make us crave the right stuff. You’ll find a variety of recipes from world famous chefs, restaurateurs and magazine editors, such as Wolfgang Puck and Bon Appetit editor Barbara Fairchild.

Feeling guilty over cheating on your diet? A whole chapter on cheating will make you feel better. According to the Dish Divas, "Once you accept the fact that no one, and we mean no one, eats only healthy food 100 percent of the time, you’re off the hook. No regrets, no remorse, no punishment. Just have the knowledge that, though it was yummy, you can’t indulge in large portions of such decadent foods on a regular basis. Well you can, but with your decision to indulge, you’ll have to accept your cellulitic fate." You can’t get more to the point than that! We are then given a lesson in cravings, triggers, and a recipe for Banana Split Cheesecake that will make you think you’re cheating, when it’s really calorie controlled!

The Dish is much more than a book on nutrition. It’s informative, but entertaining. You’ll probably never find another book that teaches you about phytonutrients AND gives tips on dressing to look thinner! If it sounds like the authors were easily distracted while coming up with a theme for the book, don’t worry. It’s all about being fabulous in every way. It’s all good 🙂


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