The Disadvantages Of A No Flour / Sugar Diet

Dr. Gott’s No Flour / Sugar Diet eliminates all foods that contain sugar or flour. Dr. Gott believes his diet will remove all the empty calories from your diet, so you can replace them with healthier, more nutritious foods that your body requires. Dr. Gott believes that by eating only healthy foods (without sugar and flour), it will help you to reach and maintain your ideal body weight.

While this diet may be effective in helping some people lose weight, it also has some disadvantages that you should consider before starting this diet.

Dr. Gott’s No Sugar No Flour Diet is Very Restrictive

By eliminating all flour and sugar, most people find that Dr. Gott’s diet is very difficult to stick to because it excludes foods that most people enjoy (such as sandwiches and pizza).

Dr. Gott’s No Sugar No Flour Diet Requires Specific Meal Plans

Coming up with a healthy meal plan on Dr. Gott’s diet requires extra effort, because you cannot eat many of the foods that are common in American diets. Instead of pizza, hamburgers, sandwiches, or even spaghetti, Dr. Gott’s diet recommends dividing your meals in half. One half should be non-starchy vegetables, or a combination of fruits and non-starchy vegetables. The other half should be lean meat and whole grains. You may need to spend extra time preparing your meals to follow this diet that excludes sugar and flour.

Dr. Gott’s No Sugar No Flour Diet Can Result in Irresistible Carb Cravings

When carbohydrates are suddenly and completely eliminated from your diet, you may find that you crave carbohydrates and sugars while you are trying to follow this diet. Some people are not successful with this diet because they cannot resist the cravings.

Dr. Gott’s No Sugar No Flour Diet Excludes All Sweeteners.

Because Dr. Gott’s No Sugar No Flour Diet excludes all sugars, you cannot eat honey, brown sugar, maple syrup, molasses, or even jam. These are difficult foods for some people to completelyavoid while they are on Dr. Gott’s diet.

Dr. Gott’s Diet Requires Extra Effort and Time

Dr. Gott’s No Sugar No Flour Diet requires extra dedication because it recommends taking time to journal everything you eat and drink, read all food labels before you buy packaged foods (to make sure all sugars and flours are eliminated), and weigh yourself weekly. Some people begin Dr. Gott’s Diet with good intentions, and then get too busy with life to follow through with all of the detailed requirements.

If you are considering Dr. Gott’s No Sugar No Flour diet, check with your health care provider (to make sure it is the best diet for your health condition). Also, make sure you are very committed to this diet to ensure you can stick with it successfully.


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