The Difference in Splenda, Sweet n Low and SUSTA

SUSTA is the newest sugar replacement option to compete with the well known choices of Splenda and Sweet n Low. Let’s explore the differences between them so you can decide which one is right for you.


SUSTA has double the sweetening power of table sugar. The calorie content of SUSTA is 5 calories per packet, versus 16 calories per teaspoon of sugar. A big selling point of SUSTA is that it has no bitter aftertaste.

Splenda is 600 times sweeter than sugar. However, the package says that you can use Splenda spoonful for spoonful to replace sugar. Splenda does not have a bitter aftertaste.

Sweet n Low contains no calories and is 200 to 700 times sweeter than sugar. However, Sweet n Low is known for having a bitter aftertaste to some people. The bitter taste is said to show up particularly in things like hot cocoa. As the cocoa cools, the bitter taste appears. The Sweet n Low website says to use their product to replace half of the sugar in recipes and use sugar for the rest of the recipe.

Side Effects

SUSTA is too new for anyone to know what its possible side effects are. As it is used more there will be more opportunities to do studies, but until then we simply do not know.

Splenda studies have reported the following side effects:

  • Migraines 
  • Seizures
  • Dizziness 
  • Blurred vision
  • Allergic reactions
  • Blood sugar increases
  • Weight gain

Sweet n Low is made from saccharin. Many studies have indicated that saccharin consumption can cause cancer in rats. Subsequent human studies have not shown that cancer risk translating to people. At one point saccharin was listed on the National Toxicology Program list of possible cancer-causing products. That warning has since been removed from products that contain saccharin.

Health Benefits

SUSTA is hard to beat when it comes to health benefits. SUSTA contains minerals and nutrients and provides one gram of fiber per package. Because of those minerals and nutrients, SUSTA increases your metabolism while keeping your blood sugar levels even. Other health benefits come from using SUSTA because of what is not in it. SUSTA has no alcohol, caffeine, dairy, egg, lactose, soy, wheat or yeast. This makes is safe to use for everyone from children to pregnant women to vegans and people with allergies.

Splenda and Sweet n Low are both good at keeping sugar levels even, which is vital for diabetics. Neither one causes tooth decay the way that sugar can.


SUSTA currently has a limited availability in stores. However, SUSTA can be bought online.

Here is a list of stores that carry SUSTA:

  • A&P Fresh
  • Associated
  • Big Y
  • D’Agostino’s
  • The Food Emporium
  • Food Town
  • Gristede’s
  • Key Food
  • Met Food
  • Pathmark
  • Pioneer
  • Shaws
  • Shop Rite
  • Superfresh
  • Waldbaum’s

Splenda and Sweet n Low are available at grocery stores and restaurants everywhere.

The Future

Until SUSTA becomes more widely available there is little known about its possible side effects. It will be several years before the actual health benefits and consequences can be known. Study results on Splenda and Sweet n Low indicate that moderate consumption is safe.

When it comes to SUSTA, Splenda and Sweet n Low, moderate use is the safest way to go.


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