The Difference between Fresh and Bottled Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented tea and sugar drink that’s generally used for medicinal purposes. It’s available commercially in bottled form and can be made fresh at home by fermenting tea and sugar with a culture of yeast and bacteria. This mixture forms the Kombucha culture and is also known as the mushroom.

Kombucha Culture

The culture is a colony of living organisms or a combination of yeasts and bacteria. These collect together in the shape of a pancake that’s white in color. Although this colony of yeast and bacteria is known as a mushroom, it isn’t one. This culture is added to a mixture of tea and sugar for fermentation. The tea can either be black tea or green tea. The sugar aids in the fermentation of the liquid. The resultant brown liquid is probiotic in nature and is credited with healing properties.

Kombucha Tea

You can prepare the drink by adding Kombucha culture to a mixture of tea and sugar. You should keep this mixture in a glass bowl in a shaded portion of your house and take care to not disturb the container. A muslin cloth can be used to cover the bowl to prevent contamination by dust or other bacteria. While preparing the tea, it’s important to use only glass or plastic spoons and containers, because metal can kill the bacteria. The mixture should be allowed to ferment for a period of a week or two. There will be the production of a daughter culture that can also be used to make more tea. You can remove some of the liquid for consumption and the process can be repeated as many times as required.

Fresh and Bottled Kombucha

Fresh home brewed Kombucha has several advantages. It’s cheap, the contents are fresh and of the best quality. It can be prepared according to your taste and you can add various ingredients such as ginger to flavor it. Commercially available bottled Kombucha is more expensive as compared to homemade Kombucha, and might not conform to individual tastes. However, it’s more convenient to pick up a bottle of Kombucha from the store. Experts maintain that the commercial bottled variety of Kombucha is less effective and that there are fewer health benefits to be gained from this type than the homemade variety. They feel that the continuous brewing that can be done at home leaves you with a product that’s more nutritional and practical than the commercial variety. You can even bottle your homemade Kombucha for later use. Care should be taken to bottle it in sterile glass bottles with sterile caps, to prevent contamination. These bottles can be safely stored in the refrigerator for months.

Health Benefits of Kombucha

Consumption of Kombucha can strengthen your immune system and provide relief from acidity. It can aid in the digestive process, provide relief from pain to arthritic patients and help you lose weight. Besides this, it can improve eyesight, relieve headaches, stomach cramps and asthma, clear skin problems, vitalize the body and act as an aphrodisiac.

Far Eastern cultures have been consuming Kombucha for centuries, and the popularity of this concoction has been growing worldwide in recent times. You can benefit from its consumption, especially if you want relief from any medical condition.


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