The Difference between a White and Black Mustard Seed

The mustard seed has several health benefits, but what is the difference between a white and black mustard seed? Both types are used in culinary work; however, they have distinctively different flavors and black mustard seeds have several additional health benefits. Both types of mustard seeds can help you lose weight because they are a natural laxative.

White Mustard Seed

White mustard seeds actually appear slightly yellow as they age. They are milder in flavor and are less potent than black mustard seeds. The white seed is an excellent source of certain vitamins and minerals, like potassium and calcium. It also serves as a protein for vegetarians. White mustard seeds are primarily grown to make vegetable oil; however, they can be used to help spice up meats and certain types of seafood.  

Black Mustard Seed

Although it is called black, the seed itself is usually a very dark shade of red/brown. The black mustard seed has a much more pungent aroma and flavor than that of the white mustard seed. It is also slightly smaller than its white counterpart. Black mustard seeds are most often used in Indian cooking and help to give it a savory and delicious flavor. These seeds are grown from the Mediterranean to China.

The health benefits from a black mustard seed are also substantially greater. Not only is it a much stronger laxative, but initial studies have indicated that there is a possible link between one of the primary components of the black mustard seed and the inhibiting of cancerous cells. 



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