The Cons of Calisthenics

Calisthenics are exercises which require no weights and no equipment, but help to increase body strength by using your own weight. Calisthenics are simple and can be done anytime, anywhere, but there are some cons to calisthenics.

The History of Calisthenics

Exercises such as lunges, jumping jacks, pushups and crunches are classic calisthenics moves. Calisthenics date back to the days of ancient Greece when the soldiers would prepare themselves for battle. Even today, the U.S. military relies heavily on calisthenics to keep their soldiers in tip-top shape.

Can Lead to Injury

Calisthenics are important exercises to perform on a regular basis if you are looking to improve your overall good health and increase your energy and fitness levels. However, they need to be performed properly in order to be entirely effective. If not performed the right way, calisthenics can lead to injury.

Can Become Repetitive

The repetitive movements can become burdensome and many people find they want to include a variety of activities, like weight lifting or aerobic exercise, into their routines.

Need to Incorporate Weights

Calisthenics are also not designed for those who are looking for an overall increase in muscle mass. Calisthenics offer only light weight resistance, as the movements use your own body weight. In order to obtain that extra resistance needed to take your fitness regime to the next level, weight lifting must be incorporated into your schedule.

Doesn’t Isolate Muscles

Also, if you are looking to increase the mass of a specific area of your body, such as your triceps, calisthenics cannot offer the isolation exercises that weights can. Weights can help you to target a specific trouble zone.

If you are just beginning to start an exercise routine, or are looking to improve your overall strength and well-being, than calisthenics are an excellent choice. However, if you are looking for a more specific approach to exercise, such as bulking up muscle mass or fine tuning one particular area of the body, than calisthenics might not be the best form of exercise for you.


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