The Chocolate Diet: Sample Diet Plan

Created by Sally Ann Voak, the Chocolate Diet allows dieters to consume chocolate while still losing weight. According to Voak, dieters can lose up to seven pounds in two weeks on her Chocolate Diet. The basis behind Voak’s diet is that she feels that eliminating an entire food from one’s diet only forces the person to crave that food more. To eliminate chocolate cravings, Voak goes through a two-stage process. During the first week, all chocolate is eliminated, but on the second week, chocolate is provided on a daily basis. By eating chocolate daily, dieters will avoid cravings and avoid overeating. Voak created six different categories of chocoholics to help break the chocolate addiction. These categories include the Secret Binger, the Romantic, the Comfort Eater, the Weekend Indugler, the Sugar Addict and the Premenstrual Craver. Below is a meal plan for one day during week one and one day during week two of the Chocolate Diet.

Approved foods on the Chocolate Diet include unlimited low-calorie vegetables, like spinach, asparagus, peppers, mushrooms, broccoli and tomatoes. A glass of skim milk is recommended every day and different dietary supplements are recommended for each category.

One-Day Meal Plan Week 1:

For breakfast, have one piece of toasted whole wheat bread. Enjoy this with one poached egg, a slice of grilled tomato and 2 tbsp of watercress.

For a light lunch, create a huge salad using the list of approved low-calorie vegetables. This salad can be composed of spinach, raw cauliflower, cooled green beans and tomatoes.

For dinner, you are allowed unlimited amounts of low-calorie vegetables, which can be boiled or steamed. Enjoy these vegetables with 1 well-grilled hamburger, ½ cup of baked beans and an apple.

As a treat, you can have 100 calories of certain foods. Allowed options include one glass of dry wine, a scoop of low-calorie ice cream, a medium banana or 4 crackers topped with cottage cheese and cucumbers.

One-Day Meal Plan Week 2:

For breakfast, enjoy 1 cup of unsweetened cereal topped with 1 large banana sliced and 1 cup of skim milk. This meets your milk allowance for the day.

For lunch, the Chocolate Diet advises eating a jacket potato, which means a stuffed baked potato. Simply bake a medium size potato until tender throughout. Top this potato with 2 oz of Edam cheese and 2 tbsp chopped tomatoes. Enjoy the stuffed baked potato with a large low calorie salad.

For your daily treat, you are allowed to spend 300 calories on chocolate. You can enjoy this on a piece of chocolate, a cup of hot chocolate, a scoop of ice cream, ectera. You are allowed to split this treat up and spread it throughout the day.

For dinner, enjoy 4 oz of boneless, skinless chicken breast that is grilled or roasted. Serve the chicken with ¼ cup of thin gravy and side of unlimited low-calorie vegetables that have been either steamed or broiled.

According to Voak, if individuals follow her meal plans, then they will be able to enjoy chocolate, break their cravings and still lose weight. To help facilitate weight loss, you may want to incorporate a daily exercise routine while you are following the Chocolate Diet.


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