The Cheater's Diet

The Cheater’s Diet is a dream diet for you if you want to lose weight while still able to enjoy your strawberry shortcake or cinnamon buns. Paul Rivas MD, founder of the Cheater’s Diet, disclosed that the reason some diets do not work is due to a diet plan peppered with way too many restrictions and the dieter’s inability to stick to it.  According to Dr. Rivas, the Cheater’s Diet makes dieting easy and effective for people who want to lose weight.

What is the Cheater’s Diet?

There are three important rules in the Cheater’s Diet: stay physically active, eat healthy on the weekdays and cheat on the weekends. The founder of this diet plan claims that with this structure, you can achieve permanent weight loss. It focuses on the idea that by keeping your reduced-calorie intake at a constant with a few added calories on the weekend, your metabolism is constantly fueled.

How the Cheater’s Diet Works

In a Cheater’s Diet, your diet plan includes eating healthy food from Monday–Friday. There are 3 meals and 2 snacks with overall calories ranging from 1,600 to 1,800 calories. It incorporates Mediterranean-style diet and encourages intake of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, whole foods and other nutrient-dense foods.

The other phase of the Cheater’s Diet is the diet plan for the weekend. In a Cheater’s Diet, cheating is not just an option but a requirement. For the diet to be successful, you have to consume “cheat foods” during the weekend. This includes foods such as chocolate, pizza, wine, desserts and many more. The only restricted food on cheat days are those that can set off binge-eating.

In the Cheater’s Diet, physical exercises are also incorporated. These exercises consist of normal physical activities such as walking and gardening. In the book written by the founder of the Cheater’s Diet, healthy portion sizes, cheat foods and suggested weekly exercise plans are included.

Pros of the Cheater’s Diet

One of the best things about the Cheater’s Diet is that you are motivated to eat healthy during the weekdays because you know that you have those two days to enjoy the otherwise prohibited foods. This makes it easier for you to stick to the diet plan. Another good thing about the Cheater’s Diet is that it does not only encourage healthy eating (with a few indulgences on the weekends), but it also promotes the importance of exercise as an effective tool for a healthy weight loss.

Cons of the Cheater’s Diet

In the book, there are a lot of claims that are unfounded. There were several references to researches but these researches were not identified. An example is the claim that cheat-eating on two consecutive days, increases metabolism.

Another questionable thing about the diet is its advocacy of supplements. There were no cited documents to prove that these supplements are effective in weight loss.

Is the Cheater’s Diet Worth Trying?

The general intent of the Cheater’s Diet is good: eat healthy, exercise and indulge once in a while. If this is the kind of structure you’re looking for in a diet plan, then the Cheater’s Diet may be worth a try for you.


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