The Cheater's Diet vs. a Mediterranean-Style Diet

The cheater’s diet is a kind of diet pattern which allows dieters to cheat once in awhile. Dieters are recommended to follow the Mediterranean style diet on weekdays and take off during weekends.

Mediterranean Style Diet

The Mediterranean style diet is a healthy kind of diet, especially for the heart. This diet includes a good amount of fruits and vegetables, healthy fats from olive oil and canola oil (good for the heart), small portions of nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds), seafood such as tuna fish, shell fish and shrimp, herbs and spices, yogurt and cheeses, and occasionally moderate amount of red wine.

Why Cheater’s Diet?

The Mediterranean style diet, though a healthy kind of diet, is difficult for some to follow, especially those who struggle to stick to a diet pattern in the long run. Deprivation of favorite foods cause dieters to quit dieting, and fall back to unhealthy eating habits. The cheater’s diet allows dieters to savor their favorite foods during weekends in small portions. This kind of diet pattern helps dieters psychologically by motivating them to stick to diet and exercise during weekdays.

Mediterranean diet is an ideal diet for those who can stick to it long term. But, for those who find it hard to stay on the Mediterrean diet consistently can opt for cheater’s diet.


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