The Cheater's Diet: 3 Great Snacks

The Cheater’s Diet sounds like a dream come true. Eat healthy for five days, and cheat during the other two. The principle behind it focuses on keeping your metabolism in high gear. This prevents your body from going into starvation mode, which slows down the metabolic process. The diet includes physical activity and generally eating healthy meals. The five days of eating well don’t have to be boring, though. The plan includes two snacks each day, and there are some great treats to choose from.

1. Low-fat Yogurt or Pudding

Low-fat yogurt is packed with nutrients, and it makes a delicious snack. You can choose your flavor, or go with plain yogurt and add what you want, such as nuts, low-fat granola or fruit (as long as you stay within the range of your caloric intake). As a dairy product, yogurt has calcium and protein. You can also find yogurts that contain probiotics, which will help your intestines and digestive tract. With several varieties available, you can find a yogurt that will fill you up and energize you while satisfying your taste buds. Pudding is another dairy-based snack that will provide you with calcium while quieting your sweet tooth. You can buy it in cups, or you can make your own using skim milk. 

2. Nuts

Peanuts, pistachios, almonds and other nuts make great snacks. They provide protein to help boost energy and rebuild muscle. Scientists are also studying how nuts can benefit cardiovascular health. The current theory is that nuts can lower bad (LDL) cholesterol and raise good (HDL) cholesterol. They also reduce blood pressure and lower your risk for heart disease. Nuts have antioxidants to help your body fight off disease and cancer. Avoid the salted variety for the healthiest treat. Salted snacks can cause excess fluid retention and affect your weight and raise your blood pressure. Vary the types of nuts you eat to get the widest range of benefits and to keep your diet interesting. The fiber content will help you feel full and satisfied.

3. Low-calorie Frozen Treats

You don’t have to feel jealous when you see everyone else eating ice cream. On the Cheater’s Diet, you are allowed low-calorie frozen treats. This includes popsicles, frozen yogurt, or chocolate bars. Your choice could include fruit-based bars, or try making smoothies from frozen fruit juice. Low-calorie frozen yogurt is twice as good for you due to its positive affects on digestion and its lower fat content. Chocolate bars also satisfy your sweet tooth and help keep your chocolate cravings under control. Whichever frozen treat you choose, read the label to make sure that you are choosing a low-cal treat.

When you are on the Cheater’s Diet, you are discouraged from eating any food that will cause binging, so choose your snacks wisely. If you don’t think you can stop with just one serving of a particular snack, choose something else from the list. There are several to keep you satisfied without damaging the effects of the diet.


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