The Cancer Survival Cookbook By Donna Weihofen

Author: Donna Weihofen
Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated (January 1998)

A cancer cookbook can be a lifesaver for someone who is facing a battle with the deadly disease.  The choice of cookbooks claiming cancer-fighting recipes is vast, but “The Cancer Survival Cookbook” by Donna Weihofen offers simple low fat recipes and helpful advice that can help during the cancer battle and recovery. While this isn’t your typical cookbook with food and wine pairings, the other helpful tips more than make up for that.

Types of Recipes

The various recipes found in the cookbook are simple and focus on maintaining a balanced low fat diet. The recipes include main courses, desserts, appetizers and other typical cookbook sections, however, this cookbook also contains a section called the “soft, chopped and pureed diet.” This last section is ideal for people who are having trouble eating due to their cancer and/or their cancer treatment.

Healthy Eating Tips

This cookbook also contains healthy eating tips that will improve the entire family’s diet. This book is not just helpful for cancer patients, but is an excellent source of information on healthful eating for everyone. Cancer patients often feel isolated, and by creating a cookbook that is so flexible, it helps everyone be healthier together.

Specific Tips for Cancer Patients

People battling cancer and recovering from cancer have unique needs in terms of nutrition and complications with eating.  Nausea is common as is loss of appetite. The cookbook offers herbal remedies and other ideas that can help.

This cookbook is a great resource regardless of your health with high quality recipes throughout; you’ll be saying bon appetit. People looking to learn more about healthy recipes and who want great recipes to use while battling cancer will enjoy this book.



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