The Breast Cancer Prevention Diet by Robert Arnot M.D.

Author: Dr. Robert Arnot
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company (October 1, 1998)

The Breast Cancer Prevention Diet” by Dr Robert Arnot offers years of research and much hope that nutrition is one of the most important factors in fighting the disease (that has for so long been misunderstood). Dr. Arnot provides a safe and easy-to-follow diet that can transform the structure of the breast, as well as alter the flow of hormones that induce breast cancer.

12 Step Program

Dr. Arnot, a well-renowned doctor and bestselling author is also the NBC News Chief Medical Correspondent, clearly lays out the most recent and influential breast cancer research throughout the world. The book provides a 12-step program to prevent breast cancer, as well as provides detailed cancer prevention strategies for both pre- and postmenopausal women (as well as for breast cancer survivors and young girls).

Beneficial Advice

The advice offered in this book can be beneficial for improving the overall health of women, from heart disease to diabetes to osteoporosis. Dr Arnot’s tone and ability to make the scientific facts accessible to people (with his compelling writing and conversational style), make this book a great informational source for all women. Though it should not be viewed as the end-all-be-all for breast cancer information and nutrition, it is a great start to get you involved in the preventative measures women can take to hold the disease at bay.

This book is a great gift for any woman concerned about her health. Providing strong eating plans that can really improve your overall health, the breast cancer prevention diet provides sound information in a sincere format that is easy to follow.


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  • Wendy Azevedo

    I don’t know where you dug Dr. Arnot’s book up from, but chances are you
    were not around in 1998 when it came out to hear the uproar over the
    so called “facts” in the book that were referenced by respectable resources.
    Unfortunately, the resources were not consulted before the printing of the
    book, and some of the so-called “facts” linked to them were false, as they
    so aptly screamed once the book was published. So false, that Dr. Arnot
    had to change the book after it’s publication.

    As a nurse who works in the field of Breast Cancer I can tell you there is no
    prevention of breast cancer……..we can only hope we prevent death by this
    disease with early detection and good solid information….not the kind
    in Dr.Arnot’s book!

  • mike

    the strongest data on how to prevent cancer is the vitamin D data. Everyone should know about this and we aware that the Canadian Cancer society have been recommending vitamin D to prevent cancer for over two years.

  • Mia

    This is responding to Wendy. Your comment saying ‘ there is no prevention of breast cancer’ is really, really wrong. Don’t stay blinded, but you should open your eyes and look at other contries’s cases. The number of the patience of breast cancer in the US (and some other EU countries) is far away bigger than Japan for example.( I’m from Japan by the way and I am amazed how many people are sick in this country, TOO MANY) The number of women who get breast cancer is only 8 in 100 women wheares American women are 23-35. This difference is not about the matter of the breast size or no reasons, but is all about what they eat !
    Look at your eating habit, which is awful. All you eat is just carbohidrate, fat, and sugar. Who can stay healthy eating just bad food? There might be a genetic issue but what you eat makes what you are. Good diet and exersice is the best way to prevent any desease from cancer, heart desease to diabetes which america,s biggest desease.