The Best Winter Clothes to Slim Your Figure

Looking slim in winter clothes is a big challenge. Even if you have a slender figure, layering on winter clothes can make you look bulky and fat. For full-bodied women, it’s even more of a challenge to try and look slim during the winter. But with the right clothes and style, you can still manage to look hot during the cold months. Here are a few key items you should not overlook when putting your winter wardrobe together.

Proper Underwear

Everything begins with the right foundation. In fashion, you can ruin a whole outfit with the wrong undergarments. During the winter season, wearing good thermal underwear can eradicate the need for wearing an extra layer. This will help in preventing you from looking too puffed up. With underwear that fits right and keeps you nice and warm, you can get away with wearing only 2 layers of clothing.

Black against Winter White

The contrast of black against the snowy white of winter can be quite dramatic and sexy. Black also looks very slimming, so every voluptuous woman should have staple black clothing in their winter wardrobe. Go for black sweaters, cardigans, coats, jackets, pants, and skirts. Black is also easier to match with other colors. Other good winter clothing colors are brown, olive green, and navy blue.

Wool is Cool

In layering for the winter, less is definitely more. The more layers you wear, the more puffed-up and chubby you will look. Try not to wear too much clothing. In order to do this, make sure that the clothes you wear are made of very warm material, like wool. For instance, pair off a woolen skirt with some woolen stockings. Or you can use a winter vest over a nice woolen turtleneck. Fewer layers equals a more slimming effect.

Invest in a Good Coat

The coat is usually the most visible article of clothing you will have during the winter. In order to look slim, make sure your coat does not look too bulky or heavy. Make sure it’s not too tight, because if you tie a belt around it, then some bulges might show. A good, warm, dark-colored coat should be cut just right to fit your body type.

Say Hi to High Boots

Stiletto heels are great for creating a slimming effect. If you have the option, wear boots or shoes with stiletto heels. Otherwise, go for boots that go up to your knees. High boots will give you a more vertical orientation, thus making you look slimmer. Besides, knee-high boots are a staple in a sexy wardrobe. If you can find heeled or platform boots, adding a few inches to your height will help make you look more slender.

Brighten It Up

Winters can be dreary, so even if you’re sporting a basic black wardrobe, add a dash of vibrance to your outfit. This will make you look more fashionable, chic, and upbeat. Lug around a bright red bag, put on a yellow scarf, or wrap yourself up in a pink pashmina. This spot of bright color will take attention away from problem areas, and thus make you look slimmer and more confident. 



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