The Best Weight Loss Support Groups for your Lifestyle

If you are trying to lose weight, it is important to find weight loss support groups are right for you that fit your lifestyle. When you are losing weight, a support group can give you a network of potential friends that you can rely on for encouragement during your weight loss journey.

The right weight loss group for you will largely depend on the lifestyle that you are leading. Because of this, you should be aware of what support groups are out there and whether it will fit with your diet choices and everyday commitments. Listed below are some weight loss support groups for different lifestyles, what they are about and what type of person they may suit.

1. Online Support Groups

Lots of people have incredibly busy schedules nowadays, and making time to meet with a group every week may not be possible. You might like the freedom that online support groups offer—you can log on at your leisure, talk on message boards, and instant message when you have the time. Online support groups also offer anonymity; if you’re too shy to talk to people in an in-person support group, online support groups can help you open up and interact.

2. Weight Loss Groups for Moms

Moms face special concerns when trying to lose weight. Trying to cook for others while cooking for a diet and fitting exercise in around a busy family schedule are unique challenges, and getting support from those going through the same challenges is encouraging. You can talk to other moms about the difficulties of parenting and weight loss or get weight loss tips from those who have been through what you’ve been through.

3. Religious Support Groups

If you’re spiritually active, your religion undoubtedly plays a large role in your life. It can be hard to share that experience with people who aren’t religious, which makes religious support groups an attractive option. Join one of these if your religion plays a role in how you lose weight and what your goals should be—you’ll get great guidance about how to proceed and stay in line with your faith. 

4. In-person Weight Loss Groups

In-person weight loss support groups are probably what you think of when you think of a weight loss support group—they often have weigh-ins, use specific food diets, or involve food logs or accountability partners. You may work best with others to support you and keep you accountable, and if so, you may want to seek out an in-person group. Weight Watchers is one of these groups, but there are many others like it!

5. Meet-up Groups

When you want to lose weight and be social as well, a meet-up group is what you need! Meet up with others in your area to try new sports or fitness activities and talk about your progress or concerns. These groups are a fun way to make new friends, get to know your city better and change up your fitness routine.

When picking a weight loss support group, take your lifestyle into account and pick a group that will help you meet your goals.


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