The Best Weight Loss Pills For Healthy Weight Loss

If your current method of trying to lose weight is not working for you, then you might be wondering what the best weight loss pills for healthy weight loss are. There are literally hundreds of weight loss pills currently on the market, and it can be darn right overwhelming trying to decide if a diet pill is the right method for you, let alone which kind. 

There are weight loss pills that are designed to speed up your metabolism.  There are those that claim to be fat burners or to block fat.  There are diet pills that are meant to suppress your appetite, and there are also many that state they increase your energy levels.  Most diet pills claim to include at least two of these categories.

Healthy Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose weight in a ‘healthy’ manner, then the truth is you might as well just forget about 90% of the over-the-counter diet pills.  Most of them contain ingredients that are just plain unhealthy.  The claims they make are exorbitant, so it’s good to keep that old adage, “if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is,” in mind. 

There is still hope, though, if you really want to take a pill to help you lose weight in a healthy way and jumpstart your new lifestyle and healthy eating habits.  You just have to know what to look for on the label; there are ingredients that can be helpful and those that can harm your health.

Green Tea Extract

Finding a diet pill with green tea extract is a healthy option because of the high antioxidant content in green tea.  This type of diet pill can increase your energy level because of the caffeine.  The caffeine can also boost your metabolism rate, which is helpful when trying to lose weight.

However, if you are sensitive to caffeine, this is obviously not the best choice for you. 

Pure Hoodia Gordonii

The most popular diet pill ingredient right now is Hoodia Gordonii.  Hoodia Gordonii is actually one of many cacti plants that grow in the African desert.  Although there are no known side affects with this type of diet pill, you will still need to be vigilant about reading the ingredient list.  If 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii is not listed as the main ingredient, don’t buy it.  Also, the amount listed should be 400-1000mg per capsule. 

Hoodia comes under the category of appetite suppressant, which means it will curb your feelings of hunger, therefore eliminating your desire to eat high calorie, sugary snacks in between meals.

Other Pills

There are a few others out there that might be beneficial, however those that contain Green Tea or Hoodia Gordonii seem to be the best, and the most is known about them.  Don’t skip on reading your ingredient lists! There are hundreds of diet pills that may claim to contain these ingredients, but when you take a closer look, the amount is minute.


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