The Best Transition Swimwear while Losing Weight

The goal of losing weight is to eventually look and feel comfortable in your swimwear, but what are you supposed to wear when you’re transitioning from one size to the next? The key is to look for swimwear that plays up your best assets and downplays the areas you’re trying to whittle down. Here are some ideas for the best transition swimwear you can rock while losing weight.

Option One: The Tankini

It almost goes without saying that a skimpy string bikini is not the best kind of swimwear to don while you’re trying to lose weight. You’re better off wearing something a bit more concealing, so that you don’t feel uncomfortable and self conscious. The tankini is a perfect option. It’s modest without being matronly, and the varieties available are just as vast as two-piece swimsuits you’d find in stores. Just like bikinis, you can mix and match tankini sets to find a combination you like. Don’t think you’re only limited to tank-top style suits–you can find tankini tops with built-in bra cups for a sexier look. Takinis are great to have on hand even after you’ve lost the weight. You can wear them when you feel like having more coverage.

Option Two: Retro Style Swimwear

We’re not talking the full body suit that women donned in the 1910’s and 20’s for beach outings. Retro-inspired swimwear is all of the rage these days. Many of the one-piece swimsuits on the racks have a 1950’s pinup vibe to them. Typically, these suits don’t have as high of a cut on the leg and have a flattering halter top for a little more “va-va-voom.” These suits are sexy and fun without exposing too much skin and are a great option for anyone who is in the middle of a weight loss plan. You can find styles in everything from polka dot prints to solid colors. Try to avoid any floral prints or busy patterns. To keep the sexy pin-up vibe you’ll want to stick to polka dots and solids.

Option Three: Sexy One-Piece Suits

One-piece swimsuits are typically assumed to be boring and matronly. While you can surely find styles that are, you can also find very flattering and sexy one piece suits that rival their bikini counterparts. A deep plunging v-neck on a solid color one piece suit in a dark color (think black, brown or navy) is chic, sophisticated and sexy. A wrapped waist on a one-piece gives the illusion of a smaller middle section and can be very flattering. Like the tankini, these suits are great to have long after the transition phase. Sometimes you just don’t feel like wearing a bikini!

You can always buy the bikini and some great cover-up accessories to go with it (like a sheer tunic or wrap) to wear during the transition time.



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