The Best Total Body Fitness Machine for Your Money

There seems to be as many total body fitness machines on the market today as there are people looking for the best one for their money. Naturally, everyone who makes and sells them say that theirs is the best.

It is not necessary that you have to use a machine to get a total body workout, but it does help and you will see results much faster. What you need to do is try them all, then decide which one best suits your needs and physical ability. The list below will get you started.

The Best Total Body Fitness Machine

Even if you are going to a gym or working out at home, you still should know which total body fitness machines are the best. Using a fitness machine will help you build muscle mass while increasing your weight loss. There are different types of fitness machines, some of which concentrate on the lower part of the body, some that concentrate on the upper and some that use both upper and lower at the same time. These are the best ones to raise your heart rate and burn calories, resulting in weight loss and a healthier life.

Rowing Machines

These provide a full body workout using push-pull motion, giving your arms and legs an equal workout without strain on joints. Considered low-impact and safe, but still a cardio workout, they come with features that include speed, distance, calories burned, time and rowing function.

Elliptical Trainer

These are low-impact, full body workouts, and they are commonly used by older people and those recovering from joint surgery or injury. They allow you to burn as many calories as you would if you were running, but since your feet stay on the pedals, there is no risk to the hips, knees, back or ankles. It is a combination of speed walking and cross-country skiing. Two good examples of an elliptical trainer are The Gazelle Edge and the NordicTrack CX99.

Multi-Station Machine

These are actually several machines in one, allowing you to do more exercises. Some examples include Total Gym developed by Chuck Norris and the Bowflex.


The Kettlebell has been around since the 17th century in Eastern Europe, and law enforcement used these for training purposes. Known for a twenty-minute total body workout (three times per week for optimum results), a Kettlebell instructor will teach you the basics.


The Healthrider is another total body fitness machine, which uses the leverage system for weight distribution, working all muscle groups. It is quiet, versatile and can be used in front of the TV.

You should shop around for the machine which fits your needs and fitness level.


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