The Best Toning Equipment for the Upper Body

Getting in shape is something anyone can achieve, and there are many types of toning equipment that can be used. Having the right toning equipment is the first step to a toned upper body.

Exercise Balls – Fun and Functional

Remember those bouncy balls kids play one? An exercise ball is much like, they just don’t have handles. These are a great way to keep in shape and, with the right workout, perfect for toning the upper body. There are a couple key points to getting the most from an exercise ball:

  • Make sure you get the right type of exercise ball based on your height. A ball too small or too large will make your workouts less effective.
  • Proper form is very important because it helps you get the most from the workout and protects your body from injury.

One of the first things that needs to be done when starting out with an exercise ball is practicing alignment while sitting on the ball. Once you are comfortable with maintaining this alignment, your workouts will become even more beneficial. There are many choices for targeting the upper body with an exercise ball depending on your level of skill and comfort.

The Home Gym – What Do You Need?

If you have looked into home gym equipment recently, you may get confused because of all the different types of gyms available. One of the most effective home gyms is also one of the simplest you can find:

  • A bench press
  • A squat rack
  • Barbells
  • Dumbbells

This is about as simple as home gyms come but, within that non-flashy setup, are all the tools you need to sculpt and tone your upper body. The key point to a home gym of this nature, is form. Many newer home gyms have greater safety features built into them to help those new to working outm while providing a solid workout for the experienced.

Targeting the Upper Body

There are specific workouts designed to target the upper body that can be easily done at home. When the target is toning the upper body, one important key is repetition at a low weight. This will add definition without bulking up, and give you a sculpted look and lower body fat. Here are few routines to tone the upper body:

  • Bench Press
  • Dead Lift
  • Overhead Press
  • Barbell Row

Now, the best part about those specific workouts is that they can be done either on a bench or an exercise ball. The exercise ball is good for these because it forces correct posture for the workouts (otherwise you fall off the ball). Doing these on a workout bench gives you solid seating and excellent support during the workout.

There are many types of toning equipment available on the market. The most important thing when choosing your home gym is your comfort level with using it. Choose what works for you so that your home gym will be a very popular area of your home.


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