The Best Shapewear for Your Budget

Shapewear is the newest form of girdles and corsets, designed to slim and shape your body. But new shapewear garments, unlike the girdles and corsets of old, are virtually seamless thanks to new materials and sewing machines. They are also far more comfortable. Some brands of shapewear can run into the hundreds of dollars, making it hard to work it into most budgets. However, there are brands and places to turn to when working with a budget.


An ideal bra should be comfortable and supportive without being constricting. In plus sizes, bras can be an expensive purchase, especially for ones that do the job properly. Just My Size is a brand designed for comfort and support. Many types are also shapers, made to help shape and perk up your breasts without unsightly visible seams. These bras can be found in everyday department stores, and are usually around or under the $20 price range.


Cami shapewear is, essentially, half of a bodysuit. These typically include molded cups so a bra is not necessary. Sweet Nothings is a brand name that offers a variety of shapewear styles. Their camis come in a small selection of colors. Some have lace trimming and others do not. All of them offer not only breast support and shaping, but side and upper belly shaping as well. Sweet Nothings can be found in a wide selection of department stores as well, and the camisoles run from as low as $10 apiece, upwards to $20.


There are a wide variety of shapewear designed to give your belly a smoother, flatter appearance. These come in the form of bodysuits, underwear or even boy shorts. While some stores charge upwards to $80 or $90, there’s no reason to drop that kind of money. Again, you can turn to the Internet or your local department store.

Sweet Nothings shapewear boy shorts come in black and flesh-colored. They are comfortable, seam-free and thus invisible beneath your clothing. The best part is, they’re at or around $10 a pair. Just My Size also offers a variety of waistnipper panties or belly-flattening panties, ranging from $8 up to $20.


Bodysuits bring the above items all together into one garment. It acts as a shaping bra and slims your hips, butt and belly. Some bodysuits have straps, but dip down below the breasts if you prefer to wear your own bra with it.

Hanes offers bodysuits in the $15 to $30 range. If you want to go cheaper than that, Sweet Nothings wins again for price, as their bodysuits are usually under $20. Many styles are closer to $12.

Thigh Control

Again, we can turn to Sweet Nothings for an excellent and affordable product. They offer slimming leggings that not only make your thighs look smooth and sleek, but help flatten the belly and hips, too. They come primarily in black, but gray, white and flesh-tone are also found in some stores or online. These leggings cost about $12 a pair.

Shapewear doesn’t need to break your pocket book. It’s easy to find at your local Target, Wal-Mart or other clothing store. If you prefer doing your shopping online, you can purchase directly from the brand’s website.


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