The Best Pregnancy Fitness Classes

Now that you are pregnant, you may want to start thinking about your options for pregnancy fitness classes to stay in shape. Getting to the gym may take some extra motivation now, but it will pay off big by minimizing aches and constipation, helping you sleep better, and lowering your risk of other complications. Developing good workout habits will help your labor and your recovery. Here are some great classes that are really beneficial and low impact for prenatal exercise:


Pilates mat classes are great to maintain your abdominal muscle tone, and they will help support your growing belly and minimize back pain. Mat classes on your back can be problematic beyond the first trimester; opt out of these or use an angle foam support that will keep you head higher than your belly. Side-lying leg work and upper-body exercises are fine to do throughout your pregnancy.


Yoga also strengthens the core and increases flexibility with its emphasis on breathing and meditation. Most Yoga studios offer prenatal Yoga classes that stress positions that are safe during pregnancy, and they offer a good opportunity to meet other expectant mothers.

Water Aerobics

A great third-trimester favorite is water aerobics; it feels great on your joints, and you won’t overheat. Be sure to remember to drink water while working out, even in the water, so that you don’t get dehydrated.

Low Impact Aerobics

Low impact aerobic exercise strengthens your heart and lungs, and it will help you maintain your muscle tone during your pregnancy. Many studios and community centers offer classes designed especially for the expectant mother, focused on keeping one foot on the ground at all times (and minimizing stress on joints).

Engage in the above exercises, and enjoy a fit pregnancy!



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