The Best Online Nutrition PhD Programs

Online Nutrition PhD programs are more difficult to find and complete than a shorter undergraduate degree, but the rewards of accomplishing such a degree are far reaching. There are several different types of PhDs in nutrition programs of study to choose from, and there are also several very high paying positions for the person who completes an online PhD in nutrition course.

Due to the increasing number of overweight Americans, the need is obvious for more nutrition specialists to educate the populace. A degree allows you to be able to develop nutritional guidelines based upon the entire body as well as being able to deal with causes of different illnesses. The list below will show the different types of PhD in nutrition degree programs available and what kind of career you can expect from each.

Job Outlook for PhD in Nutrition Graduate

A PhD opens doors to higher incomes, increased marketability, and more prestige due to the difficulty in obtaining. Because people are becoming more aware of diet and health, positions in this field are expected to continue to grow for many years. Jobs with increased desirability and earning potential include Dietitian, Dietetic Technician, research scientist, administrative health and public health. People who hold any of these degrees will also be ready to hold positions in OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

A person who holds a PhD in nutrition is eligible to earn the following degrees:

Ph.D. in Nutrition with Emphasis in Food Science

This degree includes all the nutrition coursework such as food analysis, food chemistry, food processing and sensory evaluation. This degree prepares students for a leadership career in food industry. 

Ph.D. in Nutrition Sciences

Focusing largely on the body’s chemistry and biology, coursework for this degree includes classes focused on metabolism, nutrition in the life cycle, and clinical nutrition. This type of degree prepares a student for a scientific position as a university professor, research scientist, or another specialized profession within the field of nutrition.

Ph.D. in Nutrition with Emphasis in Institutional Administration

Students interested in management positions will want to obtain this degree that focuses on leadership development, statistics, and other business training in addition to all the required nutrition coursework. This type of degree prepares the student for a career as a director of food service for an institution or business organization or as a university professor.  

Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition

This type of Ph.D. is for students interested in pursuing a career in holistic nutrition, a growing sub-set of nutritionalists and dietitians. This type of degree draws on many ancient traditions and practices used for health from around the world. This type of degree would work for someone providing holistic dietary services or a leadership position in holistic nutrition.

Be sure to check with each prospective school to make sure it is an accredited doctorate-level school or a non-accredited school. Earning an online Ph.D. in nutrition can change your life and the lives of those around you. Determine your goals and get started on the path to achieving them today.


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