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As an individual gets older or suffers with illness, they may choose to find out more about nutrition. Online nutrition classes give a wealth of information that will benefit your health as well as each and every cell contained in your body. Some individuals may want to go one step further and build a career out of nutrition. You do not need to order a book on how to get rid of a specific disease, because online nutrition classes will teach you everything you need to know about the benefits of food as a medicine.

It’s important when researching online nutrition classes that you find out about the credentials of the institution. Visit the website and read comments about the training and expertise of the tutors. If it is an accredited course or class then you may be able to build a substantial career. Some universities and colleges will offer training that is ongoing, or the classes are separated into sections. Some people like to take an online nutrition class to benefit the health of their body, but others want to build a career and become a dietitian or certified nutritionist. So which are the best online nutrition classes?

Penn Foster Career School

This online class in fitness and nutrition is affordable, gives you expert help from professional nutritionists along the way and allows you to complete it in a time to suit you. At the end of the course you will receive a diploma. This online nutrition class is ideal for people who want to learn the basics of nutrition.

The University of Phoenix

It offers two online nutrition classes: Human Nutrition and Nutrition and Health for the Classroom Teacher. Human Nutrition is an undergraduate course and is ideal for the beginner. The other course is ideal for continuous education in this field and goes into a wide array of topics such as narcotics, nutrition, STDs and advocating. 

Stonebridge Associated Colleges (UK)

These UK-based colleges offer a variety of 12 online nutrition classes: food hygiene and healthy eating, environmental and food allergies, human nutrition skills, macrobiotics, food/beverage management, food hygiene, clinical nutrition, nutrition and dietary advice, vegan/vegetarian nutrition consultant, sports nutrition, nutritional therapy and weight management consulting. Some of the courses offer a certification; others will require continuous education, as the courses are more in depth and suited to individuals who are seeking to understand food and nutrition for their career. Prices differ. These courses are perfect for individuals who do not have the time to attend a university or college full time. Individuals can work on their literature at their own pace, and receive expert tutor help along the way.

The University of Georgia 

This online nutrition class, Optimal Nutrition for Life Span, teaches the requirements of nutrients, building healthy habits in nutrition and discusses the nutrition necessary for elderly people, adolescents, infants, pregnant woman and young children. Each lesson discusses the life cycles and gives the necessary understanding before moving on to the next lesson. There are nine assignments overall. The class gives three credits, and it can be used in the future with any university that accepts transfer credits, or can be built toward a degree at Georgia. 


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