The Best Movie Snacks

Everyone loves to watch a great movie at the theatre.  Movie snacks are a must, but the ones they sell at the cinema are very expensive and loaded with calories.  Popcorn is a movie snack staple. However, the calorie count on a large bucket of popcorn is approximately 1100 calories and this is without dousing it with theatre butter. The popcorn alone is practically a days worth of calories. There are some strategies to help curb the urge to purchase the movie snacks.

One easy tip is to bring something from home. The movie theatre would rather you purchase a snack from them, but their options are really limited to candy, nachos and popcorn. Hardly a healthy option for the moviegoer. However, many folks bring a big purse and stow a snack with a bottle of water in there. Dispose of your trash properly, and the movie theatre will not mind.


There are many healthy options one can bring in their purse.  Raw vegetables are a nice filling snack.  Cut the vegetables up ahead of time and place them in a zipped storage bag.  Some vegetable choices are celery sticks, green or red bell pepper strips, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas or broccoli.  There are many other veggies that you can take with you.  If you need something with your vegetables, try bringing a single serve dip such as ranch or sour cream & onion.


Cheese is a wonderful and healthy snack. There are so many varieties to choose from. At the store, there are single snack packs of them as well as cheese sticks to choose from. They come in different types such as mozzarella, cheddar or colby jack. If you do not care for these flavors, a person could cut their favorite cheese up into sticks or cubes and toss in a small sealable container or Ziploc baggie and you are ready for the show.


Air popped popcorn is a very healthy snack. It is low calorie and filling. Add a topping to it such as garlic powder, Mrs. Dash, paprika, cinnamon or parmasan cheesee, and it turns into a very yummy treat. There is a product called Kernal Seasons that improves the taste of air popped popcorn. It comes in a variety of flavors to sprinkle on it such as white cheddar, nacho, butter, ranch, parmasan & garlic, caramel, sour cream & onion, salt, kettle corn, jalapeno, chocolate marshmallow, apple cinnamon, bbq, cajun, chili lime and salt & vinegar. The toppings cost only $3.99 each and can be ordered online.  It is 2 calories per serving which is a 1/4 teaspoon. Bring your air popped treat in a Ziploc bag and enjoy.


Jerky is a healthy snack that can be brought with you from home. It comes in a variety of different meats, such as beef and turkey, as well as exotic meats such as ostrich, gator, tuna or buffalo.  If bought at a health food store, it is low in sodium.  The jerkys sold in the grocery stores are high in sodium. Check the label before you buy. Jerky also comes in different flavors such as Cajun, Teriyaki or sweet & spicy to name a few.

The best movie snacks for your body are the ones you bring with you. The snacks that the theatres sell are nothing but empty calories that are not good for your body and will make you gain weight.  Take healthier options with you. Take some fresh vegetables, cheese sticks, air popped popcorn or jerky. Do not forget to take a water bottle with you to drink. These healthier options are a much better than anything you will find at the movies.


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