The Best Immune System Herbs

There are many vitamins and minerals that help strengthen the immune system, however there are also many different immune system herbs that work just as well. The immune system is defined as a vast biological composition that identifies and destroys germs, tumors and parasites. Because pathogens have evolved into disguising and adapting themselves so as to inconspicuously infect their host, herbs can help the immune system target and eliminate them. NOTE: Most information of the benefits of herbs has not been approved by the FDA, therefore, all consumption of herbs should be discussed with a doctor before use.


This herb from the purple cone flower increases properdin, a protein involved with immune response to neutralize bacterial and viral invaders. Echinacea works best when mixed with the herb goldenseal (for only about two weeks as goldenseal should not be taken consecutively beyond that).


When a virus invades a cell, it punctures the cell wall with a spike coated with an enzyme that breaks down that wall, enabling the virus to takeover. Elderberry is able to render this enzyme useless disarming the spike altogether.

Osha Root

Excellent for upper respiratory immune system response, osha root also known as bear root (because bears have been seen consuming this plant directly out of hibernation or when ill), enables the system to work on lung, throat and sinus infections due to a cold virus. It is a strong smelling tincture used as a snake repellent by Native Americans as well as powerful anti-viral remedy.


Ingesting astragalus during chemotherapy or radiation has been found to help the immune system manage this invasive treatment. It helps activate the immune system into generating anti-cancer cells throughout the body and protects the liver from toxins.

Gingko Biloba

Known as a circulation enhancer, especially to the brain, gingko biloba is also a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants roam the blood like marines on the hunt. When they find a free radical looking to do damage, they attack. Interestingly, the gingko tree can be found growing on some streets of New York City.

Olive Leaf

This herb guards against viral, bacterial and retroviral attack. Olive leaf is loaded with phytochemicals (compounds that occur naturally in plants for their protection) especially oleuropein, a natural antibiotic that is applied throughout the body. Olive leaf can be safely used on a daily basis as a preemptive strike against illness.

Oregano Oil

It smells like pizza and it tastes like pizza, but oregano oil is one of the most powerful purifiers available. It can turn a terrible cold around in just three days. It is not extracted from the oregano spice, but a similar family member and is best absorbed as a tincture either under the tongue or in water. Make sure there is seventy-percent or more of carvacrol concentrate when purchasing oregano oil. The best formula on the market is Oreganol.


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    please am 23 years of age ,i have undergone self induce abortions for twice with cytotec. this i did have really change my breast , my hips and buttocks ,i could feel that my system is greatly deteriorated and my immune system is weak .please help me thank you