The Best Dance Cardio for Family Fitness

Dance cardio is one of the best and most fun ways to get the whole family involved in promoting a healthy lifestyle. You already know that a family that works out together tends to eat healthier, enjoy a closer bond and the children are more likely to continue their healthy lifestyles into adulthood. If you’re trying to get your family off the couch a dance cardio routine may be just the thing. There a number of different techniques for this style of cardio so you can find the right one to fit your family’s style.


Jazzercise is back with a whole new attitude. It’s not just your mom’s workout anymore. Jazzercise franchises are readily available and offer a fun dance cardioatmosphere that welcomes all ages, fitness levels and music styles. The music is designed to engage your personality which helps you enjoy your workout and burn more calories. Since dance cardio is also good for flexibility, you can include family members with mobility or other medical issues that may prevent them from working out. Jazzercise offers the resources of staff members and trainers so you always have someone to help you learn the moves.


Zumba is Latin-based and offers a high intensity workout for anyone who wants to take it on. Zumba is widely available in many gyms, fitness centers, dance studios and on DVD for home use. The moves are simple and often feel small, but are dynamic in the use of your muscles. It’s been shown that small, deep muscle movements encourage a strengthening and flexibility that can often not be achieved with other levels of exercise. This is simple enough for small children but enjoyable enough for adults.

Belly Dancing

So, this might not be for the whole family, but sometimes you just need a little girl time. Take your daughter, mother, sister or best friend. Belly dancing is an amazing workout that works not only your core, but your hips, arms, shoulders and legs. Belly dancing uses small movements that often involve rotating the core while the other parts of your body remain stabilized, giving you added flexibility and muscle control. A good workout and feeling sexy, not a bad combination.


No matter what type of dance cardio you’re doing it’s a great way to burn calories and tone your body. Get your family together in the great room or the backyard, turn on some music and just dance. Your kids will love showing off their moves and you can embarass them a little with your dancing heyday dance cardio for family fitness is one of the easiest, best ways to get your family moving- anything that gets you off the couch and working out as a family is a great thing. Encourage your family to get moving together for at least 30 minutes a day and you’ll set the foundation for a family, healthy family for life.


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