The Best Business Attire for Your Body Type

If you are working in an office then a business attire is an essential part of your wardrobe. Since you probably spend most of your time at your job then it’s only natural that you should try to look for business clothing that makes you look your best. Your business attire should convey class, professionalism, style and confidence. Read on to learn more about putting together the best business ensemble for your body type.

Round Body Type

A round or apple-shaped body type is characterized by a heavy middle section which means you have a large bust and probably a flabby stomach. Chances are your legs and hips are slimmer than the rest of your body. If you have this body type then your goal when dressing is to conceal your mid-section and draw attention to your lower torso. A tunic top can be a good part of your business attire. Since tunic blouses are usually roomy and made in flowy material, they can hide the size of your midsection. A blouse with a V-neck neckline can also help you show off your cleavage while concealing your tummy. When shopping for trousers, look for a pair that has a wide leg design. Vertical pinstripes will also show off your slim legs.

Pear-Shaped Body Type

If you have a pear-shaped body type then your problem areas are your hips, buttocks and legs. Your ideal business attire would be an outfit that makes your lower body appear slimmer. When choosing a blouse, go for a top that has a scoop or boat neckline. This will help show off your neckline and draw the eye towards the upper part of your body. When dressing your lower body, look for a pair of trousers that has a flared or bootcut design. This will help balance out your wide hips. If you prefer to wear skirts to the office, go for a stylish A-line skirt. The wide flare at the hem of the skirt will de-emphasize your heavy hip area. Wrap dresses and wrap blouses are also a good choice for your body type.

Straight Body Shape

If you have a boyishly straight body type then your objective should be to show off your slim figure while giving the illusion of curves. A pencil skirt with a belt is a great choice for you. The silhouette of the skirt shows off the length of your legs while the belt emphasizes your waist, creating a feminine shape. When choosing a dress to wear to work, go for a fit design with a full skirt. Again, the billowing skirt will help you look more curvy than you really are.

Petite Body Shape

If you are on the petite side then a pair of flat-front trousers should be part of your business wardrobe. The trousers should rest around your waist and end just below the heels of your shoes. This will make your legs appear longer. When choosing a business skirt, do not go longer than below the knee. When putting together a business attire for your petite frame, tailoring and fit are extremely important.


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