The Best Bras after Weight Loss

The bra is one of the most important pieces of clothing in a woman’s closet, and it is inevitable that a change is needed after weight loss in order to find a piece of undergarment that fits and suits a woman. The reasons behind finding a new bra after losing weight are both practical and aesthetic – a new bra allows for better comfort, and only one that is of a good fit will allow for the wearer to carry off new clothes to show off her new figure with style. Here are some tips on choosing the best bras after weight loss.

The Average Woman

According to experts, an average woman changes her bra size an average of 6 times in her entire life, usually during periods of puberty, pregnancy and menopause. This number varies from woman to woman, and is especially more prone to change for a woman who has a tendency to have weight fluctuation. This is due to the fact that the breast tissue is composed out of mostly fat tissue, and therefore, losing the fat of the body would mean that the breast size will reduce as well. In general, a 10% loss in weight will result in a drop in one cup size.

The Best Fit

It is imperative for the comfort of the wearer that a bra be fitted perfectly for her. The best fit of bra comes with the cups fitting firmly over the breasts, with the strap being able to go around the torso without feeling too tight. The general rule of thumb is that the bra should fit against the rib cage without any spaces between it. One thing to note is the underwire of the bra, which should not hurt as it is pressed against the body. A good bra will ensure that the wearer will be comfortable, and should not show when tight fitting clothes are worn. A bra too small in size will result not only in discomfort, but also be unflattering to the figure. Likewise, those that are too big will cause the undergarments to show when wearing tight fitting clothes.

The Personal Factor

A very important thing to take into account is the personal factor in choosing the type of bras, and the personal preference of the wearer. With the many different types of the bras on the market these days, it is no wonder that a woman would prefer one design over the other. There are three things to consider here: the cut, the design and the color. With the cut, it depends largely on the body shape of the wearer. Those with a heavier upper body should not consider push up bras or those that give a deep-V, since those bra cuts emphasize the upper body and will make it seem larger than it is. With the design and color, it largely depends on the lifestyle of the wearer. For those who are more active, it is better to choose bras that are less cumbersome in design, and avoid those with lace material since lace can cut. The color of the bra chosen also depends on the types of clothes it will be worn under – a black bra does not go well with a white top.

With these factors in mind, the only thing left to do is to hit the shops and find the best undergarment and enjoy the new svelte figure!


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