The Best Arm Toning Exercises for Beginners

Arm toning exercises are very helpful in getting rid of those flabby arms. For beginners, to get toned arm muscles, they need to lose fat first. There are simple arm toning exercises for beginners. They are easy to learn, and some of them can even be done at home. You can do them while watching TV or lazing around in the afternoon. You can also enroll in a fitness center to get professional assistance. The following are proven to be the best exercises to tone the biceps and the triceps on the arms.

Dumbbell Push-Press

You need a dumbbell to do a Dumbbell Push-Press exercise. The dumbbell can be about 10 to 15 pounds. Take the dumbbell and lift it high up to the level of your shoulder. Your elbows should be folded and the dumbbell is in a horizontal position. The distance between both feet should be as wide as your shoulder. With your free hand on your hip, squat slightly to help you push the dumbbells. Continue pushing the dumbbell up and repeat the process on your other hand.

In order to work out those upper arms, you have to raise the dumbbell from the level of your shoulder to as high above your head as possible. You’re doing it correctly if your arms are raised straight up and fully extended. From squatting slightly, you should stand straight up. Repeat this process until you feel your muscles tighten a little, and be sure to do the same amount of workout for both your left and right arms.

Cable-Pulley Machine

This exercise will require you to use what is called a cable-pulley machine. The machine has a weight-adjustable handle which can be pushed and pulled forward. In order to ensure the effectiveness of this exercise, your body must be properly positioned.

Make sure the equipment gives weight of about 10 to 15 pounds. Hold the handle with your palms facing the floor. Your arms should be fully extended and must be of the same level as your shoulder. If you are working out the right arm, then the right side of your body should be next to the machine. Since you have to pull back with your right arm, your right foot should be slightly behind the left foot. Your body would have the same position if you were pulling something heavy with your right arm. While doing this arm toning exercises, try to keep your hip in a fixed position, facing forward.

Close Grip Bench Press

Grab an average barbell, or light hand weight (5 pounds or so), and lie down on a flat bench. Push the barbell up till the arms are stretched out, then bring it down gradually. Prior to hitting the chest, push the barbell up fast, approximately two inches.

You’ll be able to show off your toned arms after trying out these very easy arm toning exercises.


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