The Benefits of Shapewear

Shapewear undergarments have been in existence in a variety of forms for years. Back in the 1800’s, women wore corsets and bustles to cinch in their waists and add curves in the derriere. In the 40’s and 50’s girdles were the shapewear of choice, used to create the curves needed for the pin-up girl look.

Today, shapewear has gotten a makeover and is much more comfortable and less constricting. Depending on the areas you wish to target, shapewear is sold in the form of tank tops, briefs, leggings, and slips. There are even shapewear pieces designed to make the arms look more firm and toned.

Clothes Fit Better

Every woman can benefit from shapewear—regardless of your figure or fitness level. Anytime you wear fitted clothes, you can use shapewear. Whether you are wearing casual attire, such as jeans and a t-shirt, or you need to get dressed up in an evening gown for a formal event, shapewear will help to make sure that your body looks its best in your clothing.

Lose Inches Instantly

Shapewear gets rid of bra bulge, underwear lines, and muffin tops (the bulge that can hang over the tops of your jeans). Women who have recently given birth love shapewear because it gives them the confidence to wear their pre-pregnancy clothes much sooner.

Even if you are in great shape it’s still possible to experience unsightly bulges and rolls when trying to wear certain contemporary fashions. Often, no matter how small you are, some clothing designs will look better with the addition of shapewear. Women who have toiled for hours to reduce their waistlines often experience muffin tops even though they are in good shape due to the cut of trendy, low-rise jeans–and shapewear can fix this problem.

Shapewear can be used to help you fit in a smaller size while still dieting to reach your desired size. Shapewear is not only used for reduction purposes; it can also be used to lift and firm trouble areas, like the stomach  and the buttocks.

Improves Posture and Helps Train Your Abdominal Muscles

Shapewear pieces that cover the entire abdominal area and incorporate shoulder straps can also be instrumental in helping to pull the shoulders up and back, giving you better posture, which can also help you to look thinner.

Prolonged use of shapewear may also be able to help strengthen the abdominal muscles so the internal organs will be naturally pulled back into their proper position.

One important tip to remember when purchasing shapewear is to resist the urge to buy pieces that are too small. Though it can be tempting to buy shapewear in a smaller size, this can actually be counterproductive and create additional rolls and bulges.

The most effective shapewear pieces will be true to your own clothing size and have a comfortable fit.


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