The Benefits of Resistance Training for Women

Most women have no problem powering out an hour long cycling class or logging tons of time on the cardio machines at the gym, but resistance training is the area that confuses most women, but can produce the most benefits. Besides reshaping a woman’s body into a lean, toned physique, lifting weights also helps burn more fat than cardio alone, improves self-confidence, and aids in developing strong bones. Adding resistance will quickly take your fitness to the next level.

Body Reshaping

Body reshaping is the most obvious benefit of lifting weights. This is the reason that most women begin lifting weights. Women who don’t, are usually of the misconception that lifting weights will cause them to get big and bulky. However, they’d need too lift extremely heavy weight and do so almost every day for that to happen. That would still be a challenge for even the most fit women! Most women find that their arm, waist and leg circumferences get smaller as they lift, thanks to reduced body fat and lengthening of muscles.

To avoid any possibility of muscle bulk, use a combination of resistance with dumbbells, weight machines and resistance bands, which increase resistance with larger range of motion.

Fat Burn

It has been proven by a number of studies that muscle burns more calories than body fat does. Even at rest, the primary energy source for muscles is fat, keeping that burn going strong all day long. So, the more muscle mass you have, the more energy your body needs to complete the days activities, and the less fat you have on your body  If you practice circuit style weight training, you’ll keep your heart rate up longer during your workout, and therefore keep it higher for longer after your workout.

Self Confidence

Strong muscles improve posture, which feigns self confidence–when you look good, you feel good. As your body becomes more svelte, you begin to feel sexier and more powerful, which shows on your face! That is the first thing that most people will notice–your new attitude!

Bone Density

We’ve all seen elderly people struggle through life’s activities, like going up stairs. Increasing bone density will help you complete those activities with ease into your older years. Now that you’re working out so much, you are also adding years too your life–you’re stomping out heart disease, many cancers, stress, and even colds and flu.

Get Started!

Start with weights that are light enough to allow you to maintain correct form for 12-15 reps of the exercise. Most women can start with 8 lb weights for arms and back, 5 lb weights for shoulder presses or lateral raises, and 15 lb weights for squats and lunges for the lower body.  Try completing a circuit of weight lifting every other day for 2 weeks, then increasing the weight for more resistance and more obvious results.  As you get stronger, add more moves that focus on different body parts as well, and you’ll see the fat start to melt away, cellulite become non-existent, and muscles begin to tone and lengthen enough to be visible when you are lifting absolutely nothing! All that for just a few hours a week!


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