The Benefits of Reflexology Massage

Reflexology massage is a type of technique that is done using the thumb and fingers on the nerve endings in the foot. There are over 7,200 nerve endings and each area of the foot is part of a zone that corresponds to all of the glands, organs and systems of the body. When these zones are stimulated, the corresponding area is helped and benefited in a positive way.

The main benefits of reflexology massages are relaxation and stress reduction. Pressure is applied to the foot, and sometimes hands and ears, and this stimulation will help to remove energy blockages in the zone that is being stimulated. This helps to improve circulation to that zone and throughout the body, causing the body to work as its own natural healer.

Holistic Benefits

Reflexology is a holistic treatment meaning that all benefits help the body, mind and spirit. The medical population does not promote or recommend reflexology, and this type of treatment should never be used in place of a doctor’s advice. But, there are numerous studies and stories where reflexology has been beneficial in curing ailments from helping someone with the basic headache to relieving and eliminating symptoms from a chronic illness.

Birth and Labor

Reflexology has been shown to help stimulate labor and get it started. Also, during labor, pain has been reduced to an almost tolerable level with reflexology. Women who did reflexology during labor also had a shorter active labor time than women who did not use reflexology. Continuing reflexology after birth, women have more success with nursing and their milk supply was higher.

Women’s Health

PMS pain and symptoms are a common problem in women. With reflexology, studies show that PMS pain was reduced in 95% of women. Women who are affected by menopausal symptoms can benefit from reflexology as well. In 47% of menopausal women, symptoms were significantly reduced and 40% had symptoms completely eliminated.

Digestive Health

The digestive system can have great benefits from reflexology to help the system run efficiently and effectively. Reflexology improves blood flow to the intestines and this stimulates better digestion. With better digestion, the food is broken down and moved through the system more efficiently. Painful digestion is eliminated and constipation will improve, and can even be eliminated since food will travel through the system faster.

Pain Relief

One of the main benefits of reflexology is pain relief. This can be seen and felt in the first session. Reflexology increases blood flow to all areas of the body. This has been shown to help with arthritis and the increased blood flow helps reduce wear and tear on the joints and reduces stiffness. Tooth pain can be relieved. All types of headaches can have relief including migraines and stress headaches.

Reflexology is a holistic type of medicine that has been shown to have fantastic results. Stress relief, aches and pains of daily life and even relief for chronic illnesses has happened. Results will vary from person to person, but reflexology will have a positive impact.


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