The Benefits of Endurance Training for Postmenopausal Women

Regardless of your specific age, endurance training provides a countless number of benefits. Postmenopausal women receive most, if not all, of the same benefits as do younger women (and men too).

Endurance Training and Postmenopausal Women

Endurance training with the human body increases your muscle’s ability to longer withstand heavier loads of weight and force. An example of a strength endurance exercise, the jump squat, requires you to use both your muscle force and cardiovascular guidance. When one or the other continues to lack, proper endurance training becomes very difficult.

When you become out of breath after time periods of running, walking or lifting weights, your body communicates with your brain, telling you that more oxygen and energy needs to fill the muscles in order to push along any further. For women in the postmenopausal phase of life, the warning light often turns on faster than that of a younger aged female or male. This often has to do with the decreased amount of estrogen in postmenopausal women, along with their decreased ability to intake more oxygen, also known as the VO2max calculation.

Gaining from Endurance Training

Studies have provided adequate information that proves endurance training helps people of all ages achieve their physical fitness goals, even the older women who will no longer experience their normal menstrual cycle. Not only will endurance training decrease body fat and help maintain a healthy immune system, many other reasons work specifically in favor of the older age groups.

  • Endurance training reduces the risk of heart disease by strengthening the heart muscles
  • Reduces the risk of diabetes through weight management
  • Reduces the risk of high blood pressure through healthy blood flow and circulation
  • Reduces chest pain, commonly referred to as angina
  • Certain types of endurance training decreases the risk of arthritis
  • Increases longevity through enhanced energy levels
  • Provides better oxygen transportation within the body through increased red blood cells
  • Increases bone density, especially in the elderly
  • Increases the metabolic rate within the body
  • Endurance training decreases muscle pain and cramp

Along with this list of benefits, several endurance training exercises target specific muscles and include techniques that aid in the reduction of stress, plus others improve your sleep patterns overtime as well.

Incorporating Endurance Training

Small amounts of endurance training will ultimately improve your quality of life and the ability to cope with problems associated with old age. Postmenopausal women see great improvements through the use of cardiovascular training and muscle strengthening exercise, which both help to increase endurance and well being.

When you grow old, the body tends to slow down and rebel against prolonged exercise, however, incorporating an endurance training regimen into your daily routine will help combat the signs of old age, plus decrease any signs of it that already exist.

If you’re a postmenopausal woman, engage in some endurance training to put some pep in your step, and enjoy the physical and mental benefits this type of exercise will bring into your life.


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