The Benefits of Chewing Gum

Chewing gum gets a bit of a bad rap. Often times it’s classified in the same category as candy and other sweets and labeled as a “bad” substance. When you take a closer look at chewing gum, however, you’ll find that there are actually many benefits to enjoying it regularly. And when you seek out low-sugar versions, chewing gum can be beneficial to your dieting efforts. Here are some of the benefits of chewing gum:

Good for Your Sweet Tooth

Those mid-afternoon sweets cravings are hard to avoid, especially when you’re sitting in your office looking for something to distract you or alleviate your boredom. Having a stash of chewing gum at your desk or in your purse is an excellent idea. As soon as you feel a sweets craving coming on, chew a piece or two of gum. The sweetness of the gum will help to satisfy your craving.

Improves Digestion

Chewing gum increases your saliva flow, which in turn causes you to swallow more frequently. As a result, this helps prevent reflux of acid from the stomach back into the throat. If you frequently experience heartburn, chewing gum can ease the symptoms. Also, chewing gum after a meal can help aid in your intestinal mobility.

Ease Stress

The next time you feel yourself tensing up at work or at home, put a stick of gum in your mouth. The rhythmic motion of chewing can aid in clearing your mind and relaxing you. You can relieve tension and counterproductive nervous energy by focusing your attention on chewing gum.

Fewer Cavities

Chewing sugar-free gum after a meal is clinically proven to improve your oral health. Saliva is the most important natural defense against tooth decay, and chewing gum, as stated earlier, increases your saliva flow. So, not only does increased saliva production help with your digestion and symptoms of chronic heartburn, it also fights cavities, strengthens teeth and washes food particles away.

Takes Focus Away From Food

Because you typically chew gum for ten minutes or more, it’s helpful to chew a piece right when you feel a food craving coming on. The chewing action will allow the food craving to pass. At only several calories a stick, chewing gum contains barely a fraction of the calories that you would have consumed instead. On a  more basic level, you’ll distract yourself from thinking about food when you chew gum.

Chewing gum is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Be sure to look for sugar-free versions to obtain the full range of benefits it can offer. Chew gum regularly and see if you can reduce your stress, sweet tooth and cavities.


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