The Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage is a treatment which works wonders. It improves mental and physical states, and even helps to tackle some health problems. When massage is used with application of essential oils it helps to release muscle tension, hydrate the skin and provide immediate relaxation.

How Aromatherapy Massage Works

When done by a specialist, massage is performed in a series of smooth movements. Application of essential oils directly to the skin allows to hydrate and regenerate it. It also calms the mind and releases muscle tension. You can perform aromatherapy massage at home as well. In addition, such massage is the most effective way of aromatherapy for cellulite reduction. Some oils contain the elements which also work to release the fluids and stimulate blood flow.

Oil scents have a positive influence on nervous system. The brain is being affected by the scents though the inhalation process. This explains why aromatherapy releases stress and anxiety, reduces digestive problems and headaches, and even improves the quality of sleep.

About Essential Oils

Essential oils are extracted from fruits, roots, leaves, flowers and seeds and contain the elements of plants which they are made of; black pepper oil, for instance, warms up the skin; orange oil provides the skin with vitamin C. Each oil can be used for certain purposes, or they can be mixed into a unique blend. Here are the effects of some essential oils used in aromatherapy:

  • Fennel suppresses appetite and detoxifies the body
  • Patchouli suppresses appetite and fights fluid retention
  • Orange fights free radicals
  • Neroli increases skin elasticity
  • Lavender regenerates the skin

Avoid applying essential oils directly to the skin; such oils are concentrated and can irritate it. In order to avoid this, add essential oil to a “carrier” oil (this mixture will be safe for your skin). The oils should be mixed as follows: ½ the number of drops of essential oil as there are milliliters of carrier oil, for example, 12 drops of orange oil per 25 ml of carrier oil. Various oil types are usually used as “carriers”. Grapeseed oil, for instance, is rich in antioxidants that firm the skin.

You can prepare your own oil blend for fluid release by mixing 10 ml of carrier oil with fennel, cypress and grapefruit oils–1 drop of each of these plus 2 drops of juniper oil.


In case you plan to do aromatherapy massage at home, you might require a specialist’s advice. This is especially recommended if you have any medical conditions, such as diabetes or epilepsy. Some oils should not be used during pregnancy. Remember that essential oils should not be applied to skin if you have any wounds or rashes.

Aromatherapy is usually performed by a specialist and lasts from 1 to 1.5 hours. The specialist will select oils which  suit your condition, depending on what you wish to achieve. If you prefer doing aromatherapy massage at home, regularly massage the areas that require attention applying your own oil blend. Such massage can normally be performed 1 to 3 times a week.


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