The Benefits of a Rowing Machine for Cardio

You probably know that exercising with a rowing machine tones and strengthens but what about trying a rowing machine cardio workout? It’s no secret that cardiovascular exercise is crucial for a healthy heart, burning calories and losing weight. But, taking a strengthening and toning exercise and making it also work for you as a cardio exercise, is getting the maximum workout for your time input.

Double the Workout in Half the Time

You have a busy schedule already. Trying to juggle weekly cardio sessions with some strength training is a huge time challenge for most of us. So, if you can pack both kinds of exercises into one workout, you double your benefit from just one workout session.

Choosing the rowing machine as your exercise equipment is a perfect example of double the workout in half the time. The rowing machine itself provides a great strength and endurance workout for the large muscle groups in the legs, the arms, shoulders, abs and back. Picking up the pace with your rowing will elevate your heart rate for a beneficial cardio workout without ever getting off the machine.

Provides Fat-Burning Benefits

The combination cardio and strength training workout of a rowing machine also lets you enjoy a higher intensity workout that burns maximum calories, speeds up your metabolism for continued fat-burning long after the workout is over, and builds lean muscle that burns more calories and fat overall. 

Works Multiple Muscle Groups at Once

Rowing machines are one of the few pieces of exercise equipment that actually works all of the muscle groupings in your body at once. Working the large muscle groups like the legs and shoulders give you maximum calories burned at the end of your workout. But the rowing machine also gives you a toning and strengthening workout for the smaller but equally important muscles groups like the triceps, biceps and abs that give you a leaner, fitter appearance. 

Provides Low Impact Cardio Workouts

Combo training on a rowing machine gives you a unique opportunity to utilize a high intensity workout that is also easy on your joints and lower back. For people with concerns about high impact exercises that are hard on their bodies, it can be a challenge to find cardio workouts that also give enough intensity for good fat-burning. Rowing machines uniquely provide both benefits.

Adjustable Settings

Your workout energy and stamina can change almost daily. Some days you’ll feel capable of high-intensity workouts while other days you’ll struggle to keep your normal pace. With the rowing machine, you can adjust the intensity of your workout at any point in the workout without ever getting off the machine.

So next time you head into the gym, consider choosing the lonely rowing machines that have been around for years in your fitness center (that see very little use). Although they’ve lost popularity over the years, they are surprisingly one of the best forms of low-impact, high-intensity combo exercises.


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