The Benefits of a Pregnancy Massage

There are many benefits to pregnancy massage. These benefits include reduction in backaches, headaches, neck and shoulder aches, decreased pain in the pelvic area and increased circulation. It can also reduce fatigue and swelling and promote relaxation. The most important thing to remember is to find an experienced massage therapist that can perform massage techniques that are safe and effective for you.


A prenatal massage can alleviate backaches. The massage therapist will apply pressure to different areas of your back to target the specific muscles and spots that are causing you discomfort.


There are pressure points in your body that cause pain. If the therapist massages or applies pressure to these areas of your body, pain can be reduced. She may also use light facial massage, which can reduce headaches. If you have a tension headache, your massage therapist will also work on your neck as well.

Neck and Shoulders

Carrying the extra weight of a baby can put pressure and tension on your neck and shoulders. By having a pregnancy massage, you will be able to reduce the tension on the muscles. Having less pain in your neck and shoulders may also help with your sleep and overall wellness.

Pelvic Area

The massage therapist will work on the regions on either side of your spine. You will find that this will reduce pressure and stress on your pelvis. Light massage on this area will help the pain, and it may also help you to sit more comfortably or sleep more soundly.


A pregnancy massage is great for increasing circulation. The blood will flow more easily to your extremities after the muscles have been manipulated. The better your circulation, the easier it will be to perform everyday tasks.


With your body relaxed and the pressure relieved from your muscles and joints, you will sleep easier at night. The more sleep that you are able to get, the less tired you will be during daily activities. Your overall health will be greatly improved.


Pregnancy massage can reduce the swelling in your extremities. With the blood flowing better, the swelling will subside. Light massage near the joints or tissue that is swollen can help to improve the function of these areas and help with overall comfort.


A massage therapist will help you to relax while you are having a massage. He will help you learn breathing techniques, as well as relieve the stress that is on your body. The atmosphere during a pregnancy massage is very calming and will help you to relax. Having the pressure relieved from your neck and shoulders and any tension worked out of your muscles will increase your ability to relax.

Pregnancy massages are a great way to relieve stress and improve your overall well being. It is important to find a massage therapist that is experienced in doing pregnancy massages. He will be able to do the proper techniques to help you to relax and enjoy the massage. Overall, having a massage during pregnancy is extremely beneficial.


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