The Benefits of a Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massage aids in the flow of lymph, a fluid in the body responsible for boosting the immune system and promoting general health. Lymphatic massage can perform a number of services on your body, such as reduction in swelling, boosting your immune system and producing white blood cells. Therefore, there are certain benefits to receiving lymphatic massages during certain times or for certain conditions. Below are a number of ways a lymphatic massage can benefit you.

Flu Season

Since a lymphatic massage helps to increase the flow of lymph, it helps your body pick up toxins and wastes. When lymph detects a virus or infection, it produces white blood cells to help fight off the infection. Getting a lymphatic massage prior to flu season can help give your immune system a boost to keep you healthy.


Used before a surgery, a lymphatic massage can ensure that the lymphatic system is cleared of blockages or swelling. Lymphatic massages can also help after surgery as well, by reducing swelling that occurs.

During Pregnancy

Breast lymphatic massage can help reduce the aches and pains due to changes of the breast tissue that occurs during pregnancy. Nursing mothers, as well, can benefit from this aspect of a lymphatic massage.


Lymphedema is a condition of the lymph nodes that can occur after surgery or in the presence of cancer. It is often a problem for women who have had a mastectomy although this is not the only case that can cause it. This condition can be quite painful, but lymphatic massage has been known to ease it.

Enhances Skin Quality

When skin cells receive a proper amount of lymph, it gives them a healthy glow. Lymphatic massage is often given as part of a facial to give your face a healthy glow.

Sports Injuries

Lymphatic massage helps clear out debris and reduce swelling that occurs from a deep tissue massage. In addition, by receiving multiple lymphatic massages over your recovery, it can speed up the recovery process by keeping tissue at its healthiest.

Reduction of Scar Tissue

Lymphatic massages can reduce your scarring by increasing lymph flow to the scarred area. More lymph flow means more healing and less toxins.

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Lymphatic massage is light and gentle and comfortable for people with chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia. Since better lymph flow encourages stronger health, lymphatic massage can ease patients with these conditions.

Other Conditions that Lymphatic Massage Can Help

  • Swelling
  • Inflammation
  • Sinus conditions

Lymphatic massage helps to support the lymphatic system, promoting general health. However, there are certain patients who face risks when receiving a lymphatic massage. Always talk to your health care professional about the benefits of any medical treatment before you begin.


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