The Benefits and Drawbacks of Wild Oregano Oil

Many Mediterranean people throughout the years have used the oil of the wild oregano plant to cure many ailments. Hippocrates, the father of all medicine, is known to have used oil from the wild oregano plant quite extensively in treating his patients. Later, Paraclesus also used this oil to treat many common maladies in the fifteenth century.

Wild Oregano Oil Defined

The oregano plant is well known in Mediterranean kitchens. It’s a staple in many Italian dishes. The oregano plant grows wild on taller mountains, far away from the pollution found at lower elevations. The active ingredient in wild oregano oil is Carvacrol. Carvacrol is a natural phenol with very strong natural anti-microbial properties. Natural antiseptic properties are given by high strength flavonoids in the wild oregano oil. Long chain hydrocarbons, known as Terpenes, can be used as natural anti-inflammatory agents. The only part of the wild oregano plant used to derive the oil is the leaves of the flowering plant. These leaves are picked when the essential oil is at its highest strength.

Benefits of Wild Oregano Oil Use

The list of maladies that can be treated naturally using oil of the wild oregano plant is almost endless. Having anti-microbial properties, wild oregano oil can be used to effectively treat diarrhea and many other stomach ailments. When used in aromatherapy, the phenols in the oil are great for treating respiratory ailments. When applied directly to the skin, you can treat fungal diseases and psoriasis. When drank in a tea, it will help stop vomiting and help cure jaundice.

The anti-inflammatory agents of the Terpenes in the oil are excellent for treating pain and swelling. When applied to open wounds, the Flavonoids will clean and protect the wound from infection. When both drank and used in aromatherapy, you can more effectively fight a cold or the flu. Antioxidant powers of some of the ingredients in the oil make it helpful in fighting many diseases, such as cancers. These same ingredients also help to stimulate the flow of bile from the liver, which helps your digestive system work more effectively. Tea strength should be no more than one or two drops of oil per cup of tea.

Drawbacks of Oregano Oil Use

As with any other type of remedy, there will be people with allergies to oregano oil or one of its constituent ingredients. Pregnant or nursing women are advised to consult their doctor before using any oregano oil-based remedies. There are, however, no known side effects attributed to the use of the oil of the wild oregano plant.

The list of maladies and uses provided above for oil of the wild oregano plant is only very partial. There are many other very practical uses of wild oregano oil. With there being no known adverse side effects, this product can be looked at as fairly miraculous.


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