The Anti Cancer Diet Book By Robert Korczynski

Author: Robert Korczynski
Publisher: CreateSpace (April 10, 2008)

An Anti-Cancer Diet,” by Robert Korczynski, is a book meant to provide tips on how to extend your life, look younger, decrease blood cholesterol levels, and get rid of the extra pounds, all at the same time. Unlike typical diet books that only present dietary plans step by step, this book also includes suggestions regarding lifestyle changes. Food is not the only factor that influences the development of cancer, and the author makes sure that all the aspects are described in detail.

Healthy Foods For a Better Life

Robert Korczynski’s book is comprised of 18 chapters, each of them focusing on different things that are related to cancer. In the first couple of chapters, the author explains which foods are bad for your health and which are able to improve your health condition. The third chapter provides details about hemp, and shows you why this is considered to be a super food. 

Next, the sources of good fats are revealed. Since saturated fats and trans fatty acids play a major role in weight gain, finding out which foods contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats is rather important. Details about sugar and the effects it may have on your health are discussed in Chapter 5, while the next chapter emphasizes the importance of raw vegetable juices. Since animal products represent the main sources for some nutrients, giving up on foods of animal origin may require supplementation. Robert Korczynski does not forget this, and talks about additional supplements in one of the chapters of his book.

Change Your Lifestyle to Prevent Cancer

The environment in which you live may also affect the development of cancer. With this in mind, the author of “An Anti-Cancer Diet,” tells you how showering in filtered water may improve your health. Stress and sleep are also analyzed. Stress is one of the causes of high cholesterol levels, so you need to eliminate stress sources, and focus on getting high quality sleep. 

Even though cell phones do not emit as much radiation as they used to a decade ago, Robert Korczynski also recommends limiting cell phone use. This fact should not be neglected, though, as it may have a small contribution in prevention of cancer. 

Cancer, Weight Loss, and Anti-Aging

The rest of the chapters focus on natural remedies for cancer, advices for effective weight loss, and foods that will make you look younger. You are able to lose weight in a healthy manner if you rely on this book and consume the healthy foods that are recommended. Robert Korczynski emphasizes the role of Omega 3 fatty acids in the anti-aging process and offers several sample diets based on healthy foods such as whole grains, citrus fruits, and cruciferous vegetables. 

Remember that this book is not addressed only to those people who want to prevent or reverse cancer. In fact, many of the solutions proposed by Robert Korczynski are meant to make you a healthier person. Cancer is only one of the diseases that can be avoided by following the diet exposed in this book. 
The Verdict

Considering that the book has only 80 pages, you may think that the information is too general and that the author cannot  thoroughly analyze all the problems that are debated. Keep in mind, though, that all the information found in this book is backed up by the results of the most recent studies.

After performing a detailed research on the connection between genetic triggers and foods, Robert Korczynski wrote a book that provides valuable advice on how to stay healthy and avoid diseases such as cancer. 


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