Sureslim: Remeber It’s Not You, It’s Your Metabolism

Sureslim was founded in 1996 in the United Kingdom and has gained popularity as a reliable “diet program” supported by physicians and professionals.  While the diet is available worldwide, it would probably be difficult to follow outside of the UK. 

Premise:  Sureslim is centered around weight and inch loss via the correction of glucose metabolism, and the slogan is, “Remember, it’s not you, it’s your metabolism.”  It aims to teach its dieters a holistic approach to weight loss, and its creators say that following their plan will correct metabolism and hormonal imbalances that may be impediments to weight loss.  They claim that by following the individually tailored plans, the followers will achieve results. The plans are created based on blood tests, lifestyle, medical history, current medications, and food preferences.
Because Sureslim is individually tailored to each client, the diet program begins with what the clinic calls a “comprehensive” blood test (which is similar to the standard procedure for an annual physical in the U.S.).  Blood is evaluated for cholesterol, glucose levels, hormone levels, and any possible abnormalities.

Diet:  Based on the above results, clients are given a “medically and scientifically balanced” personalized eating plan consisting of 3 balanced meals per day.  There are no pills, potions, shakes, or excessive exercise.  Clients are guided by licensed physicians and practitioners, and they get a weekly private session with a consultant. 

There are no requirements to buy pre-made meals, rather, participants have the option of purchasing their own food within plan guidelines. This is a good thing, because it teaches dieters how to properly purchase foods and prepare them – and they do not have to rely on pre-made meals that are often very high in sodium. Generally, the plan is high in protein and fat and low in “bad” carbohydrates.  Many dieters do see results on this plan, but they must strictly follow the guidelines set forth by their blood tests.

What to get excited over:

  • Weight goals are realistic at 1-2 pounds per week.
  • It is a solid, practical, long-term eating plan with a long-term, individual approach to weight loss.
  • Dieters are constantly given advice from professionals, doctors, nutritionists, and counselors.
  • Once dieters pay for the plan, there is never another required expense.
  • Dieters are actually encouraged to prepare their own food.

Things to Consider:  The program is costly.  The blood test alone amounts to about $800, and there is no “money-back guarantee,” however, that fee includes five months of private, one-on-one consultation.  There is very little support for dieters following this plan outside of the United Kingdom. The dieters’ progress is constantly monitored by staff; While some may find this too restrictive, others will find that the structure is helpful.

Verdict: Recommended.  Because the Sureslim plan is medically formulated and tailored to each individual, dieters will most likely see results.  Sureslim really is a comprehensive offering — it’s not just a diet, but a supportive, clinical environment designed to help its users through every step of the plan.  That is also a plus because dieters will be given specific instruction on choosing the right foods and preparing them correctly.  They are literally taught how to shop for foods at the supermarket (i.e., certain unhealthy foods are always in the same section so those sections should be avoided).  Eating plans and lifestyles will be assessed and altered from top to bottom.

Weight loss is slow and steady, and followers of the plan also receive 5 months of one-on-one consultation (via a weekly meeting). That’s better than having a therapist!   For those who live outside of the UK, the diet is not ideal, because meetings must take place via videoconferencing.  That could be difficult given the time difference.  Also, blood testing might be difficult from “across the pond,” but they have probably figured out a way around that. Despite those obstacles, Sureslim can still be an effective plan for those willing to shell out the expense.


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  • TruthBe Heard

    Truth Be Heard about SureSlim:

    SureSlim was established in South Africa by Petro Tulloch and Calvin Tulloch not in England. Apparently, Petro Tulloch was very overweight and had a major weight problem and was successfully treated by a Medical Doctor in South Africa who specialised in weight loss. Not long after that Petro Tulloch started SureSlim in South Africa!

    In September 2005 two ex-SureSlim Australian franchisees commenced legal action against SureSlim Australia Pty Ltd and its Director’s, Petro Tulloch and Calvin Tulloch, in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission Court. Despite SureSlim Australia Pty Ltd having appointed an Administrator on the 29 June 2006 and declaring the company insolvent the legal case against the Director’s has continued of which is ongoing 3 years 9 mths later despite the Tulloch’s many attempts to delay the process.

    The last two Australian SureSlim Franchisors declared themselves insolvent:

    29 June 2006 SureSlim Australia Pty Ltd declared itself insolvent and the Director’s were Petro Tulloch and Calvin Tulloch.

    12 January 2006, SureSlim 2006 Pty Ltd announced that they could not pay their debts as and when they fall due and SureSlim International Limited terminated their Australian Franchisor rights.

    The funny thing is that Petro Tulloch and Calvin Tulloch are 100 per-cent share holders of SureSlim International and they always claimed to Australian franchisees that ‘they are’ SureSlim International.

    Currently, in Australia, the 100% shareholders of SureSlim International, Petro Tulloch and Calvin Tulloch, are providing a basic service to remaining franchises being the delivery of weight loss programs and they are not providing a Franchisor service to remaining SureSlim franchisees but for delivery of the weight loss programs and have dropped the royalty fee to 10%.

    More recently, BIEN Pty Ltd a multi-site franchisee within the SureSlim network in Australia went into liquidation on Tuesday 19 May 2009. A liquidator has been appointed and a notice of Creditors Meeting to Consider Voluntary Winding Up has been lodged with ASIC, as confirmed on an ASIC Company search.

    Laura Taylor, the sole Director of BIEN Pty Ltd, owned and managed with the assistance of her husband Peter Taylor, fifteen per-cent of all SureSlim franchise clinics in Australia, five SureSlim franchise clinics in New South Wales and four SureSlim franchise clinics in Queensland.

    To clarify these facts with Petro Tulloch and Calvin Tulloch call them in Australia or email them as they are 100% shareholders of SureSlim International Limited.
    Ph: 0061 (02) 42332995, Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

    But if you want the Truth you may need to call an ex-SureSlim franchisee in New Zealand or in Australia.

  • Kerrie


    What a rip off. The program is not medically formulated(nothing has been substantiated in any medical journals anywhere) Yes you get a blood test but only to show glucose and cholesterol levels. Good gimmick to fool you even further. Foods that have been linked to high cholesterol and glucose are elimated from your diet and this information is available in many a nutritional cookbook and even on the internet. Most of the so called trained consultants are people that have done the program. Statistics have shown that most people who do the SureSlim program regain their weight.
    With no ongoing research and development particularly in countries like Australia who do not have a Franchisor providing a proper franchise business, the only people getting rich are the people at the top. The program has not changed in 12 years and other than changing the look of the websites and the way in which the program is presented to you, it is the same old, same old!
    In Australia, the SureSlim program is distributed by the South African people (now Australian citizens) that own the International business. They get 10% on every program sold, whilst the program stagnates . Not a bad way to earn money for doing nothing.
    Yes SureSlim has been around for 12 years but other than changes to the way you view and receive the program little has changed.
    Save your money.

  • Helen

    Sureslim ….. Fantastic
    Took my blood and found out I had high cholesterol after 5 weeks on the plan another blood test was taken and am now in the normal range for cholesterol levels, I have now lost 15kg which is 33lb and II am on my 11th week
    I think that my money was well spent, no more expensive than going to Weight Watchers each week only difference is you pay your money up front . Which was an incentive to me to follow the diet 100 percent
    I cant fault this diet and I am on my way to achieving my goal

  • vikcie

    I was on the Sure Slim Canada and lost 30 pounds four years ago. Regain 10 ( my own fault) and now I have started my quick loss program again. I like what I eat, I think about what I am eating and if I gained it back again I have no one to blame but my self. Going back to your old habits what do you expect.

  • P.Unkin

    To Kerrie,

    SureSlim is definately medically formulated. The plan has changed substantially over the past 12 years, introducing new foods, as they are annalised by the Nutrionalists. I live in South Africa and lost 40kgs (just under 90 lbs) by following SureSlim, and have kept the weight off for over 2 years now. The plan works, is medically backed – so much so the NHC in the UK sponsors obese patients to go on SureSlim before they incurr the costs of gastric bypass surgery. If you failed at Sureslim do not lash out and make false statements. It is unfortunate that Australia has experienced financial and franchise issues with SureSlim, but the basis of the plan is sound, and has an undeniable track record for permanent weight loss.

  • SureSlim Truths

    SureSlim is not medically founded and is not based on scientific medical research. The founders, Petro Tulloch and Calvin Tulloch lied to franchisee investors and to the general public. Taff of Cohen’s have confirmed Petro was their client and she copied their program which is the only research she conducted.

    P.Umkin – ask the Tulloch’s and the current South African SureSlim Franchisor for documented evidence in support of your claim of SureSlim being medically founded and you will be supplied nothing because it does not exist and their claim is false and misleading. For more information go to:

  • SureSlim Truths

    Furthermore, the founders of SureSlim, Petro & Calvin Tulloch, are still FAT and have been for years. So much for their SureSlim programme that doesn’t even work for them, the founders!

  • a.m.p.

    I’m just looking into sureslim.. but logically, even if the founders are what you would call fat, doesn’t mean there is a fault in the system – maybe just a fault in their level of self-control.
    Personally, I don’t know anyone who has lost more than 5lbs on Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers. Everyone I know who goes to Curves? Larger than I am and I have never seen a lb drop from them!
    I’ve lost weight before on my own several times – eating disorders, EXTREME calorie counting and exercise. And yes, I know that calories in should be less than calories out for weight loss, but I think that the eating plan that is personalized sounds like a better ideal than a lot of other things… I even have been to nutritionists in Vancouver who don’t give a damn about what food I actually like, and only give me a list of expensive organic food I need to truck around town to find!
    Also, just another flaw in your logic: yes, most of the people working as consultants probably have done the program… but how do you know what kind of in-house training they receive? Unlike LA Weight Loss (which charges THOUSANDS and requires you to buy their food), they’re not claiming to be counselors. I see no fowl….

  • Allen Walton

    My wife joined Sure Slim August 2010 and in the first 6 months lost 65 lbs. She is now maintaining her weight at this weight and enjoying her life as a thin person. tt seems that it is relatively easy for her to stay at her desired level and it is now a year since she started the program. The staff have been very supportive.

  • Cathy Castleville

    This diet was started in South Africa before 1990.